Brexit was just the start! More countries set to follow UK out of EU, says Brexiteer

Brexit was just the start! More countries set to follow UK out of EU, says Brexiteer

was speaking at the end of a week in which the issued a preliminary injunction ordering a Polish coal mine to cease operations in response to a lawsuit filed by the Czech Republic challenging the mine’s permit. In addition, the has also launched cases relating to Poland’s management of its forests, and has also activated proceedings under Article 7 of the Treaty on European Union in relation to legal reforms which Brussels claims undermine judicial independence.

Mr Kawczynski, the UK’s only Polish-born MP, who represents Shrewsbury and Atcham, told “What’s fascinating is that the European Union and way it’s structured, of course with European Parliament is an opportunity for opposition politicians in any country, to give a perhaps sometimes an overtly negative interpretation of what’s going on in their own countries simply because that’s the nature of opposition parties.

“But then the European Parliament, obviously does perhaps gets a overtly negative interpretation of what’s going on.

“And they feel that they can impose sanctions and Poland and other countries in Central and Eastern Europe are coming under increasing pressure, whether it’s to do with coal production or something else.

“I can come up with a litany of things that the European Union is now interfering in, even down to the National Forest in Poland.

“The European Union will not allow Poland to manage its own forests and instead wants to prescribe the way it expects Poland to do it.

Poland, led by Mateusz Morowiecki, has been a member of the EU since 2004.

But Mr Kawczyski added: “So at the moment I think that these continue to bite the hand that feeds you.

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“But as these countries move now from being net recipients to net donors so I think the embryonic Eurosceptic parties will not only muster up but they will thrive.

Mr Kawczynski said: “There is a palpable move towards a much greater willingness to scrutinise, and push back against the European Union.

“Clearly after 48 years of membership the British people decided they’ve had enough to choose.

“I’m just interested to know how long it will take a country like Poland to follow suit.”

With respect the action taken in accordance with Article 7, which also applies to neighbouring Hungary, he said: “Of course the problem that we have is that, it boils down to a question of who governs.

“It’s a very simple concept – either the democratically elected politicians who are accountable to people through elections, who can be thrown out by the people, either they govern or the EU Commission.

“And I would argue that the best type of person to make decisions is somebody who can lose their jobs in three to four years time, rather than being impervious and having the security of a tenure, which is unaffected by people’s reflections.”

“Nobody can get rid of Ursula von der Leyen or any of the other commissioners who report directly to her.

“These people are, you know, they are untouchable, and when you have decisions of this magnitude being made by untouchable people, then you’re moving into a sort of George Orwell-type scenario.”

“I speak as a politician with 16 years standing and there’s nothing that keeps you on your toes, as a politician than knowing that there are people who can remove you from your position.”

On Friday, Vice President of the Court Rosario Silva de Lapuerta announced her decision in respect to the injunction, relating to Turów brown coal mine close to the Czech and German borders.

She explained: “It appears sufficiently likely that the continuation of lignite mining activities at the Turow mine before the final judgment is delivered is likely to have negative effects on the level of groundwater in Czech territory.”

Published at Mon, 24 May 2021 13:55:35 +0000