Brian May couldn’t play guitar, on crutches BUT resilient ‘Not planning to check out yet’

Brian May couldn’t play guitar, on crutches BUT resilient ‘Not planning to check out yet’

The Queen guitarist has been spending lockdown at his London home, where he has entertained fans with micro-concerts on his Instagram. But earlier this month, the 72-year-old ripped his Gluteus Maximus “in a moment of over-enthusiastic gardening”. Brian May found himself in hospital before returning home where he’s struggled with the physical pain of the injury that’s been “so strong and so persistent that I hardly feel alive”.

In a recent Instagram post, he shared his struggles with his fans writing: “I missed you all – but times have been tough.

“It was tough to get as far as brushing my teeth some days (and shaving was WAY too difficult, as you can see !!)

“So playing guitar was out of the question. BUT !!! Hello again Dear Pals !!! How yo’all doin ?! Bri.”

Additionally, May has been very open with fans on his struggle with depression in recent years.

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In another new video May updated, he’s back to playing his guitar, but admitted he’s still struggling.

The 72-year-old said: “Hi folks, thank you for missing me myself, it’s not been a good time.

“I’m able to pick up the guitar again which is great; it seems to still work.

“I’m going to get back into life a little bit as it is, y’know, the new life.”

He signed off: “Sending you all lots of love.

“Hope you’re all keeping well, healthy out there, that’s the main thing.

“And getting back to life yourselves in a very careful way. So God bless, talk to you soon.”

While May’s latest showed a snap of the rock star sitting with crutches on a park bench, showing much resilience and tenacious positivity in the midst of his suffering.

The Queen guitarist wrote: “My first walk in the park since this all began. My … the air feels good !

“Sky is blue – sun is clear and bright and warm and the breeze is cool. White fluffy cloud scud over my head. But I’m dependent on these ‘crutch’ devices to get around. There’s always ONE snag !! Well, not for long, hopefully. I’ve been through these scrapes plenty of times before.

“They make you stronger, right ?! If they don’t kill ya !! Well, I’m not planning to check out just yet !!!

“Rock on out there !! Isolate !!! Photo by Phil Webb, who bought me an ice cream – Thanks Phil – lovely day !!! Bri.”

Published at Sat, 23 May 2020 07:48:00 +0000