British Airways: BA offers ‘cheap’ Avios points refund for cancelled flights – here’s how

British Airways: BA offers ‘cheap’ Avios points refund for cancelled flights – here’s how

British Airways announced plans for a “meaningful return to service” in July which all depends on whether the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) lift current travel bans. The FCO is currently advising that flights abroad can only take place if they are “essential”. This advice is in place “indefinitely”, according to the FCO.

However, for British tourists hoping to get away either this month or next, you could be owed a refund from your airline.

And now, UK-based airline British Airways has revealed that they are now offering refunds to customers in the form of Avios points, as well as vouchers and cash.

Avios points are loyalty rewards which people can get from either going shopping and holiday purchases.

The points can then be used towards future flights, hotels and car rentals.

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Despite the points’ popularity, BA is only offering them to those who booked flights directly with British Airways and not through a third-party.

The new Avios point scheme may well appeal to frequent flyers and travellers who can use the points for future flights and holidays.

However, the points are only available to members of the British Airways Executive Club.

But from cash to vouchers and now Avios points, what is the best option?

Avios points

The amount of points you receive is all based on how much your booking cost.

The rate is half the normal Avios price rate.

Usually, you would pay £175 for 10,000 Avios points, which is 1.75p a point.

But if the rate is half what you would usually get then 10,000 points would be £87.50, or 88p a point.

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Head for Points said: “If you don’t need the money urgently, this is an excellent opportunity to pick up a lot of Avios very cheaply indeed.”

A British Airways spokesperson told “We want to give our customers as much choice as possible, so if their flight is cancelled they can now choose from a voucher, a refund, or a generous amount of Avios based on the price of their booking.”

For more information, you must be a member of BA’s executive club which is free to join and can be done online.

The only catch with Avios point is that it may be harder to find seats on flights which you can purchase using Avios points to the same destination you were planning on going to.

Cash refund

A cash refund may be better if you’re worried about the future of the airline industry and if you are not looking to fly anywhere in the future.

It may be safer to have the cash in your pocket if you don’t think you’ll be flying abroad in the future or are concerned about the future of BA.

Although BA are hopeful that they will start flying again in July, it is not clear whether they will be able to.

A spokesman said previously: “These plans are highly uncertain and subject to the easing of lockdowns and travel restriction.”


Vouchers are a great idea if you are a loyal BA customer and are keen to rebook with them in the future.

BA is offering vouchers online which are valid until the end of April 2022.

The vouchers can be used as a payment or a part payment for a future booking.

Published at Wed, 27 May 2020 08:18:00 +0000