Britons furious as Michel Barnier issues latest threat – ‘Shut the door on your way out’

Britons furious as Michel Barnier issues latest threat – ‘Shut the door on your way out’

Brexit negotiations have hit a crisis point over the last few weeks following an angry exchange between the EU and UK. The latest round of talks ended in a stalemate before Mr Barnier warned the UK must change its approach while also stating he was worried about his counterpart’s tone amid negotiations. Last week, Mr Frost insisted the EU must change its negotiating position if an agreement is to be made. 

Ahead of the final round of talks next week, Mr Barnier has issued his latest warning that Brussels will not agree to a deal at “any cost”. 

In the wake of his comment, Express readers have expressed their fury at Mr Barnier’s latest threat. 

Commenting on the story, Joan Beckwith said: “Great news hope you do walk away but we all know that won’t happen.”

Patricia Mitchell said: “What’s he waiting for. 

He said: “The UK has been taking a step back — two steps back, three steps back — from the original commitments.

“The UK negotiators need to be fully in line with what the prime minister signed up to with us.

“Because 27 heads of state and government and the European parliament do not have a short memory.

“We remember very clearly the text which we negotiated with Boris Johnson. And we just want to see that complied with. To the letter… And if that doesn’t happen, there will be no agreement.”

There are numerous areas of divergence between the two sides. 

The maintenance of a level playing field, labour standards, foreign aid, security and conditions for future access into the single market both remain unresolved. 

Despite Mr Barnier insistence, a senior Government source stated the EU is not willing to “inject momentum” into negotiations. 

The source said: “It is the UK that is driving any progress in this negotiation.

“The European Commission are either not ready or not willing to inject momentum.

“They need to put some political reality into their approach and appreciate they cannot use their usual tactic of delay to drag the talks into the autumn.

“By then it will be too late, as businesses need to know what to prepare for with as much time as is practicable.”

Published at Sun, 31 May 2020 21:09:00 +0000