Britons FURIOUS as sick trolls mock hospitalised Boris Johnson – ‘Shame on you!’

Britons FURIOUS as sick trolls mock hospitalised Boris Johnson – ‘Shame on you!’

Boris Johnson was moved to the intensive care unit (ICU) in St Thomas’ Hospital on Monday night, after his condition worsened. Downing Street have said the Prime Minister is in a stable condition and will remain in ICU for close monitoring. But many people ridiculed Mr Johnson’s ill health, with some social media users suggesting he deserved to get the virus for shaking the hands of coronavirus patients.

One person said: “Boris Johnson called for a bat***t plan that sought to let people get sick and could’ve killed millions; he bragged about coronavirus not stopping him from shaking people’s hands.

“If you can’t understand why some people are gonna find this funny, I don’t know what to tell you.”

Another user suggested it would funny if the Prime Minister were to die from COVID-19.

They wrote: “I don’t think there’s a single thing funnier than Boris Johnson becoming Prime Minister and within not even a year, dying from Coronavirus because his ego made him handshake every single patient at a hospital during a pandemic.”

But readers have defended Mr Johnson against the vile trolls and urged people to be kind during a time of national crisis.

Charla Hodgkins wrote: “How awful, people need to give this man a break he has done all he can for this country including clearly putting his own life at risk.

“What happened to ‘being kind’ like everyone was preaching only a couple of months ago.

“I hope he pulls through this I really do or God help the state of the country if he doesn’t.”

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Alison Cope suggested the Prime Minister should be praised for his hard work during the pandemic.

She said: “Shame on them, Boris is only victim of trying too hard to do his best and be a great leader.

“Last Thursday, he clearly looked very ill but nevertheless clapped for NHS when he should have been in bed – had he not, doubtless people would have criticised him.

“I just hope he will get through this.”

Jennie Brown said people should wish the Prime Minister well, whatever their politics.

She wrote: “Whatever your politics, people who are wishing him ill are the lowest of the low.

“I hope he makes a full recovery and is back at the helm sooner rather than later.”

Mr Johnson has been inundated with well wishes from colleagues, opposition politicians, world leaders and members of the Royal Family, including The Queen.

Downing Street’s latest statement, released at 7pm on Tuesday night, said: “His condition is stable and he remains in intensive care for close monitoring. He is in good spirits.”

Published at Tue, 07 Apr 2020 19:05:00 +0000