Britons’ FURIOUS at EU £270m demand for coronavirus fund – ‘Think we’re made of money!’

Britons’ FURIOUS at EU £270m demand for coronavirus fund – ‘Think we’re made of money!’

The European Commission has said the UK remains fully liable to contribute to and to benefit from the EU’s coronavirus support fund. However many readers have blasted the EU and said the UK has been the worst affected European country by COVID-19 and should not be giving away any money at this fragile time.

Mr Johnson has refused to pay the specified sum of money and has asked for the bill to be scaled back.

The argument over the payment could put the ongoing post-Brexit trade talks at risk.

The coronavirus fund was set up to help member countries respond to the pandemic.

The British government has argued that around two-thirds of what the EU is asking for is outside what was agreed in the Brexit deal.

Reacting to the article, many readers said the Prime Minister was right to refuse to give the EU the money.

Bridget Turner said: “We have our own debts to deal with, they should manage their accounts better.

“They think we are made of money, or is that it, they want to leave us struggling as a way of teaching us a lesson for coming out.”

Jilian Rees said: “No way, we have suffered the worse dose of Covid and they want our money to support other countries they must be joking .whose supporting us, stand firm Boris . (sic)

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Geraldine Lowe said: “Good for Boris – just because the EU are skint doesn’t mean we owe them a penny.”

Reader Steven Hodgson even suggested this was the reason that the EU was trying to extend the transition period, he said “because we will have to pay them all this money and a lot more”.

A spokesperson for the UK Treasury said: “The UK is supporting the EU’s efforts to tackle coronavirus, and we’ll meet our obligations through the Financial Settlement.

“But we do not intend to go beyond what we have agreed in the Withdrawal Agreement, because we have now left the EU.”

Published at Sat, 06 Jun 2020 18:13:00 +0000