Britons furious over Sturgeon’s ‘bitter and divisive’ plan which cost tourism sector £11m

Britons furious over Sturgeon’s ‘bitter and divisive’ plan which cost tourism sector £11m

The First Minister chose July 15 as the date to allow tourism businesses including pubs, restaurants and hotels to welcome back customers. Next Wednesday’s reopening will come nearly two weeks after Boris Johnson gave the green light for England’s dormant tourism sector to start up again.

The SNP leader’s lockdown lifting plan has been torn apart by Scottish Conservative MSP Rachael Hamilton, who called it “damaging” to the Scottish economy.

Ms Hamilton told “There was also a two-week delay to opening up the Scottish tourism industry which is estimated to come at a cost of £11million in revenue with half a million fewer visitors coming to Scotland.

“It is damaging and these policies need to be thought through very carefully to make sure we protect the tourism industry.”

Ms Hamilton also hit out at Ms Sturgeon for failing to take a stronger stance against recent “nationalistic protesters” at the border who are determined to deter visitors.

And a third reader said the problem would be exacerbated if there was a hard border between Scotland and England.

They wrote: “What did they expect?

“Just imagine what a border would do.”

But others said they supported Ms Sturgeon’s cautious plan to allow Scots to return to normal life.

One argued that a delay in reopening watering holes would reduce the chances of a second wave.

They said: “Or saves a lot more for the Scottish NHS by having a stricter slower opening up.”

Earlier this week a small gathering of protesters were spotted on a stretch of the A1 holding foul signs.

Their words sent a clear message of unwelcome to anyone travelling to Scotland from England.

Scottish Justice Secretary Humza Yousaf condemned the protests as “racist”.

He tweeted: “If you are a racist, you are no friend of mine, and no part of the movement I belong to.”

Published at Sat, 11 Jul 2020 20:32:00 +0000