BT announces vital broadband news and customers will welcome the changes

BT announces vital broadband news and customers will welcome the changes

BT broadband customers are getting some very welcome news this weekend as the telecoms firm has announced a swathe of changes that are aimed at helping its users get through the coronavirus pandemic. BT says it is putting in place a range of measures designed to help those staying at home, including offering unlimited broadband to all customers and removing out-of-bundle charges.

Announcing the measures, BT’s Consumer CEO, Marc Allera, said: “With more of us spending time away from family, friends and work because of Coronavirus, using digital technology to stay connected has never been more important.

“It’s a very difficult and uncertain time for us all – and we’re constantly assessing this fast-moving situation and thinking about what more we, as a business that’s central to the UK’s digital society, can do.”

So what’s exactly changing if you subscribe to BT?

Firstly, the firm has said it is now offering unlimited home broadband for all. This means BT is removing all caps on home broadband plans so every customer has unlimited data to use whether working from home, keeping the kids connected to school or streaming the latest films.

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Next, there’s better access to the NHS online with EE and BT Mobile customers being able to access this vital website without using any of the data in their plan – even if they’ve run out of data completely.

Finally, BT is says it is committed to helping its most vulnerable customers with it removing out-of-bundle charges for the most critical services, such as UK landline and mobile calls, and placing a £5 per month cap so people can make the essential calls they need to keep in touch, without worrying about their bill.

News of this update comes after BT also promised to keep all of its customers connected.

The firm says it is confident its broadband service can survive the onslaught of people logging on during the coronavirus outbreak. The broadband firm says its networks are built to support “evening peak” network capacity, which generally equates to at least ten times daytime demand.

“Even with a massive increase of people working from home, broadband traffic won’t reach the levels of peak times where millions of people stream HD video at the same time,” said Allera. “That’s the kind of traffic we’ve built our networks to support.

“We’re making sure there’s plenty of capacity in the network and that critical services are supported, and our network has more than ten times the amount of capacity needed for normal everyday use.”

Published at Sat, 21 Mar 2020 06:25:00 +0000