BT broadband: How to update your router and why you should NEVER turn it off overnight

BT broadband: How to update your router and why you should NEVER turn it off overnight

The UK’s workforce has never before been so reliant on reliable and secure broadband in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. Fortunately, BT – one of the UK’s biggest broadband providers – is able to offer some of the most powerful Smart Hubs on the market. Here is what you need to know about your BT router.

How to update your router:

It is not possible to manually update the firmware, however, you can upgrade your BT Broadband whenever you want.

BT Broadband currently offers three Smart Hubs to UK customers wishing to upgrade their router.

Fibre Essential has an average speed of 36 megabits (Mb).

This option is useful for everyday browsing and streaming on one or two devices simultaneously.

Fibre Essential costs £27.99 per month for a 24 month contract (plus £9.99 P&P)

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However, those BT customers who want the most powerful Smart Hub could get the Fibre 2.

This has a whopping 67 Mb average speed, allowing users to stream, game and download in high-def on multiple devices at once.

This Smart Hub is also being discounted, now available at only £34.99 for a 24 month contract (plus £9.99 P&P).

Anyone concerned about installation issues during the coronavirus pandemic need not panic.

Most of BT’s packages can be installed without an engineer visiting your home.

BT will post customers a Smart Hub, which have been designed to set up themselves.


Other BT Smart Hub settings tips:

Although the BT Smart Hub is really speedy, some default settings could slow you down.

The speed of your home wi-fi also depends on your device, with the newer and more powerful devices typically supporting faster wireless speeds.

People rarely turn off their newer devices such as tablets and smartphones.

However, even these cutting-edge devices occasionally require a break too.

This s because having a device connected all the time can cause a connection to become tired.

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