Cabin crew secrets: Flight attendant shares what they wish passengers would never do

Cabin crew secrets: Flight attendant shares what they wish passengers would never do

Cabin crew see all sorts of plane passengers over the course of their careers. It’s hardly surprising that the habits of some can become particularly irksome. A flight attendant has spoken up about what annoys them the most and what they wish fliers wouldn’t do.

Monserrat Andujar-Geacoman, a flight attendant for a domestic US airline, explained that travellers should avoid putting their belongings in the aisle.

“I would never dream of coming into your office, taking off my shoes, and leaving them out in plain sight so you could trip over them,” Andujar-Geacoman told Insider.

To make life easier for cabin crew it’s best to tuck in any luggage, plus knees and elbows, if you’re in the aisle.

The flight attendant also warned that jet-setters should not try and flout the luggage rules.

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Trying to get away with more baggage could impact someone else’s journey.

Obeying the rules helps make boarding smooth, too.

“When you cross this line, it hurts someone else’s chances of keeping their own carry-on with them,” Andujar-Geacoman said.

“Mindfulness and courteousness go a long way when it comes to personal property.”

She also said she wished travellers wouldn’t take their mobile phones with them to the loo.

The reason for this is twofold. Firstly, it’s a germy thing to do.


Secondly, it’s likely you’ll hog the toilet for longer if you have your device with you and people may be waiting for their turn.

“It’s already gross that you’re taking your phone in there, but there are also only two bathrooms on a 737 for 170 passengers, not including the bathrooms for first-class,” Andujar-Geacoman said. “The line can get long, and turbulence is real.”

Although the bathroom might seem like dirtiest part of the plane, research carried out this year showed that, shockingly, it isn’t.

According to an analysis conducted by Marketplace, a watchdog news series, the dirtiest parts of a plane are the headrests and seat pockets.

This is because countless people touch the seat pockets and rest their heads on the headrests.

A cabin crew’s video went viral this week after she urged passengers not to touch seatback pockets.

Flight attendant Kat Kamalani said in a Tik Tok video: “First things first do not touch the back seat pocket.”

“They clean them out between flights but they don’t sanitise them.

“Think of all the dirty tissues, barf bags and garbage that has been in there.”

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