Call of Duty Modern Warfare and Warzone update early PATCH NOTES revealed

Call of Duty Modern Warfare and Warzone update early PATCH NOTES revealed

Call of Duty Modern Warfare and Warzone are about to be updated by Infinity Ward.

The next major Call of Duty update could go live as early as 6pm UK time on April 3.

This would mean new players trying out the game as part of the free weekend will also have to update on PS4 and Xbox One.

In the run up to the new Modern Warfare and Warzone updates, Infinity Ward has posted a list of in-game problems on Trello.

The Call of Duty Trello page provides information about the main issues being investigated in Modern Warfare and Warzone.

According to the early patch notes, the next Warzone update should fix problems with players being unable to self-revive.

Likewise, players who switch weapons to single-fire mode have been unable to swap for another weapon until switched back to auto. This should also be fixed in the next update. 

You can see the full list of imminent fixes and issues under investigation in the early patch notes below.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare multiplayer issues currently being investigated…

• Regiments causing error 13-71

• Executions near walls and on elevated surfaces will get canceled mid-animation

• When mounting while crouched, counts as a standing mount and the UI position indicator shows the player as standing

• Duplicate clan tags appearing in killcams

• A viewmodel animation pop occurs with a combat knife when players toggle on and off their NVGs

• Audio on the PKM is incorrect

• Reports of players spawning in the blocked out hallway in Khandor Hideout and are unable to move

• Wyatt’s Outback skin can be seen through Thermal Scopes

Call of Duty Warzone update imminent fixes…

• Players will rarely see full screen black corruption when naturally progressing through the map

• Firing a smoke grenade with the Underbarrel 40mm smokescreen launcher does not emit any smoke from the grenade

• The animation for the player’s character equipping a gas mask will interrupt and block player from deploying their parachute

• Weapons that have been switched to Single-fire Mode cannot be dropped/swapped for another weapon until switched back to full auto

• Players were unable to revive a teammate in the poppy garden, North of the Airport

• Regiments causing error 13-71

• Players are unable to use self revive when playing BR solos

Future Warzone fixes…

• Plunder – Players going into consecutive matches are seeing it end shortly after joining

• Players are being killed before the ATV actually impacts the player

• Reports of players seeing smoke coming from their character model as they move across the map

• In a rare case, a player found weapons appearing on the ground while in the Gulag

• Corrupted white lighting can appear while moving and firing a weapon near certain geo

• After being brought back into the match, a player was in a state where they couldn’t interact with the teams loadout drop, and they had the revive prompt on them even though they were alive

Published at Fri, 03 Apr 2020 12:33:00 +0000