Call of Duty Modern Warfare free weekend: PS4 and Xbox Warzone update, release time news

Call of Duty Modern Warfare free weekend: PS4 and Xbox Warzone update, release time news

Activision is releasing a free version of Call of Duty Modern Warfare this weekend on PS4, Xbox One and PC. And the best part is that many Warzone gamers will already be primed to access the added content when it arrives. The Call of Duty Modern Warfare Free Access weekend is launching on Friday, April 24 and will be available on all platforms.

But instead of making everyone download a different version of Modern Warfare, COD gamers will simply need to have their version of Warzone up to date.

This means that there shouldn’t be a huge download process to go through to gain access to the MW free weekend.

It should be noted that a new patch might be waiting for Warzone gamers switching over to MW multiplayer modes.

But past that hurdle, everyone should have access to Modern Warfare for free on April 24, 2020.

Xbox One gamers will also need to make sure they have an Xbox Live Gold subscription to access the free content.

For gamers who don’t yet own a copy of Warzone, it can be downloaded right now from digital store fronts.

The only downside is that it is a chunky game, meaning you will need around 100GB of free space.


The Call of Duty Modern Warfare free weekend starts on April 24, 2020 on PS4, Xbox One and PC. But this time, Activision has yet to confirm when the big MW update will be going live.

The last free Modern Warfare weekend began at around 6pm, GMT, so it will be worth checking to see if anything has happened around that time. That will be 10am PT for those COD gamers eager to start playing in the United States.

But it should also be noted that Activision has been choosing to launch things later during the current global situation.

So gamers might be waiting around an extra few hours, closer to 7am GMT on April 25.

More news could be shared in the coming hours and will make sure to update this article if we get a confirmed launch time.

Developers Infinity Ward has also confirmed that the Modern Warfare Free Access Weekend will end on April 27, probably around the same time.

While Modern Warfare will be free to play this weekend, it does come with some notable limitations.

If playing through Warzone, gamers will need to click on a special playlist tab that adds Modern Warfare multiplayer.

But you won’t have much say in what kind of game you end up in, it will be chosen for you.

Activision has confirmed that there will be five playable maps but has yet to confirm what game modes will be included.

COD gamers will also have the chance of buying Season 3 Battle Pass Tiers through a new sale.

A message from Activision explains: “Need a boost to help you advance through the Battle Pass? Then get your tiers this weekend during the tier sale.

“Starting on April 24 at 10AM PT until April 27 at 10AM PT players can purchase individual tiers at a discount for 100CP.

“Head to the Battle Pass tab and select the next tier (or more) and get them for only 100CP each.”

Published at Thu, 23 Apr 2020 18:13:00 +0000