Call of Duty Modern Warfare update: When is Plunder coming back to Warzone?

Call of Duty Modern Warfare update: When is Plunder coming back to Warzone?

Gamers don’t have long to wait until Call of Duty Modern Warfare and COD Warzone includes Plunder Mode again.

Developers Infinity Ward removed it to make way for the free MW weekend, which ended a couple of days ago.

The Warzone menu was so packed that Activision had to provide a sub-menu for both Solo and Quads.

This led some gamers to believe they had been removed, but they had actually just been hidden from view.

The good news is that Call of Duty Warzone will be receiving a new update this week which will bring back the missing Plunder mode.


Activision and developers Infinity Ward have confirmed that Call of Duty Warzone’s Plunder Mode is coming back this week.

The official release date for the return of Warzone Plunder has been set for Thursday, June 18, 2020.

This includes all platforms, meaning a new Call of Duty Warzone update is coming to PS4, Xbox One and PC.

No set release time has been confirmed for the return of Plunder, so fans will want to keep an eye out for it from 11pm PT on June 17.

This will be the earliest time Infinity Ward may choose to release its next update, although the return of COD Plunder could happen at 6pm GMT, or 11pm PT on June 18 too.

It should be noted that it will be Blood Money coming back to Warzone this week, rather than any other Plunder variant.

A message from Infinity Ward confirms: “For Warzone players, we’ll be bringing Plunder variant, Blood Money back this Thursday, June 18th.”


Call of Duty Warzone Plunder is a mode where you drop in a team of three, trying to be the first to collect the most Cash.

This is achieved by battling other fireteams, hunting, scavenging, and defending; all in the name of hitting your million-dollar objective.

Cash can be deposited to save it from being lost upon death. The first team to hit $1 million starts a Bonus Round where the game ends after a few minutes.

Any team with over $1 million in Cash will have that $1 million auto deposited and their score bar will light on fire.

Blood Money is a little different, with this variant guaranteeing you cash whenever you eliminate someone.

This means that even if you take someone down before they have gone around looting, you will still earn some money.

Extra cash is provided to teams in Blood Money who complete contracts and perform finishing moves.

Other ways of making money in Call of Duty Warzone Plunder:

Cash Drops: Collecting packages from plates that periodically drop Cash during the match. These are known as Cash Drops. Check your Tac Map and listen close to in-game alerts to see where these planes are dropping free Cash.

Heist: All Banks in Verdansk have vaults with Cash… But their alarm systems are still active, and they will audibly alert nearby squads of your robbery in progress. Consider this a high risk, high reward strategy for gaining Cash in a short amount of time.

Attack Choppers: During the bonus round (the final two-minute frenzy) of a Plunder match, you may begin to see black helicopters appear in the sky. These Choppers will fired down at all players but hold a lot of Cash. Should you engage them (ideally with a rocket launcher) you could find yourself ahead of the pack at the end of the match. This is the most difficult, but potentially the most lucrative, way of getting Cash.

Cash Deposit Helipad: Find a Cash Deposit Helipad to deposit and protect your Cash. These are found throughout the map and identified on the Tac-Map with a piggy-bank icon. There is no limit to the amount of Cash that can be deposited at a Helipad, but Cash Deposit Helipad are not available until a team reaches 300K.

Published at Wed, 17 Jun 2020 21:42:00 +0000