Camilla issues touching message to vulnerable women during coronavirus lockdown

Camilla issues touching message to vulnerable women during coronavirus lockdown

Clarence House tweeted a short statement from Prince Charles’ wife just days after it was confirmed she had tested negative for coronavirus while her husband tested positive. Camilla said: “This is a hard time for everyone, as we are all asked to stay at home to stay safe. But for some of you it is even harder, because home is not a safe place.”

The message was followed up by two further tweets from Clarence Hours, encouraging those in danger to seek help from charities. 

Clarence House added: “If you are in immediate danger, please call 999 and ask for the police.

“If you are not in immediate danger, please call one of the following 24 hour helplines: England: 0808 2000 247 Northern Ireland: 0808 802 1414 Scotland: 0800 027 1234 Wales: 0808 8010 800.”

They also included links to charities helping victims of domestic abuse and those at risk of being abused. 


They linked to an online guide published by Save Lives on how to stay safe at home during the shutdown. 

The tweets also included links to Refuge Charity and Womens’ Aid. 

And they finished off the tweets witht the hashtag #EveryonesProblem.

The tweets included a photo of Camilla taken earlier this month at the 10th annual Women of the World  (WOW) festival.

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She said: ““I find it almost impossible to think that any friend of mine might be living under that horrific threat, without my knowing it, but that is the power of coercive control and violence in the home.

“It is characterised by silence – silence from those that suffer – silence from those around them, and silence from those who perpetrate abuse.

“This silence is corrosive; it leaves women, children and men carrying the burden of shame.

“It prevents them from speaking out about the abuse and it prevents them from getting help. And at its worst it can be fatal.”

Camilla’s public message comes after she was last night seen for the first time since it emerged she is self-isolating from Charles. 

The 72-year-old was seen standing in an open window clapping for NHS workers in a video posted by Clarence House on Instagram. 

Charles, 71, was filmed clapping as he stood alone dressed in a smart suit. 

On Friday the UK saw its biggest day-on-day rise in deaths since the Covid-19 outbreak began.

Boris Johnson and Matt Hancock said they have tested positive for the virus and England’s chief medical officer has symptoms.

A total of 759 people have now died in UK hospitals after being diagnosed with coronavirus.

And 113,777 have tested positive and hundreds of thousands more people are thought to be infected.

Published at Fri, 27 Mar 2020 16:15:00 +0000