Campsites reopen: Campers might not have toilet or shower access post-lockdown – full list

Campsites reopen: Campers might not have toilet or shower access post-lockdown – full list

Campsites and camping shops have been inundated with enquiries and interest from people looking to use this summer to try camping for the first time. The enquiries and bookings are likely to help massively boost the UK’s tourism industry which has been under financial strain since the UK imposed travel restrictions. Camping could be the trend of the season as Britons flock to the British countryside and beach towns.

A message on the company’s website reads: “It’s important that we give our members a choice as to how they would like to camp, so we’ve introduced some new measures to help keep you and our teams safe.

“To allow us to operate our campsites in a responsible manner we have increased our cleaning regimes – this places extra demand on our teams and we have had to open some of our campsites without toilets and showers this season, these campsites are better suited to campers who can bring their own facilities.”

It added: “We’ll only open facility blocks if we’re allowed to do so by the government, we will keep our website updated and let you know if anything changes.”

Anyone planning to stay at one of the sites without toilet or shower blocks will need to bring their own sanitation such as a chemical toilet with a separate toilet tent.

All the sites will have access to fresh drinking water and a place to dispose of toilet waste such as a Chemical Disposal Point (CDP).

According to the Camping and Caravanning Club, these are the sites that will be opening without toilet and shower facilities.

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Jonathan Knight, Founder of Cool Camping, said camping is the perfect holiday to maintain social distancing rules and that the sites with facilities will see fewer queues.

He said: “Camping is the perfect socially distanced holiday – many people go camping precisely to get away from others, so it follows that it’s an activity that can be enjoyed safely while coronavirus continues to be a concern.

“The fact that it is outdoors too means that the chance of transmission is greatly reduced than in any indoor environment.

“As campsites prepare to welcome guests safely, the good news for campers is that there looks set to be more space to enjoy and fewer queues for showers and toilets.

“Many campsites are reducing the number of campers they will be allowing onsite so that there is plenty of social distancing.

“That will also put less strain on the facilities, hence fewer queues.

“Other campsites are choosing to rent extra shower facilities to avoid bottlenecks at peak times, and among those sites that have limited facilities, many are planning to have pre-booked shower slots to avoid congestion.”

However, Mr Knight explained that there may be some future restrictions.

“There may be some restrictions on facilities, for example regarding hot tubs, swimming pools or cafes, so it may mean that campers will have to do more to entertain themselves this year.

“So don’t forget to pack the swingball or rounders set.”

Published at Wed, 17 Jun 2020 12:56:00 +0000