Car Insurance policies could be invalidated if someone drives your car to get supplies

Car Insurance policies could be invalidated if someone drives your car to get supplies

Car insurance agreements could be invalidated if owners fail to have the other person included as a named driver on a policy agreement. This is because the other motorist will not be covered to drive your vehicle which is against the law. 

The named driver will be able to use the car with comprehensive cover in place although experts say it is always best to check the exact terms and conditions. 

Named drivers and policyholders can split the amount of driving equally between them. 

However, experts say motorists must make sure the named driver does not use the vehicle more often than the policyholder. 

This could cause car insurance providers to investigate and could result in customers being accused of ‘fronting’ on their policy. 

This is when motorists add a named driver on an agreement to dramatically bring down the overall premium price. 

This is common among parents and their inexperienced teenagers as a way to bring down total costs. 

Insurance providers would invalidate your cover if they suspected this and motorists could be blacklisted from several mainstream companies. 

This would lead to owners being forced to secure cover from specialist providers which could charge more. 

The ABI has reassured motorists that insurance firms have agreed to offer extra support to customers affected by coronavirus. 

However, no exemptions have yet been given in regards to driving other vehicles to help family members. 

The ABI has confirmed car insurance cover will  not be affected if they are using their own vehicle outside of their normal agreements to help the national fight against the virus. 

Motorists who need to use their vehicle to drive to different locations will not be affected due to the outbreak. 

Road users who need to use their vehicles for voluntary purposes to transport medicines and groceries will also not see changes to their agreements. 

Customers will not need to contact their insurer to extend their cover or update their documents under these circumstances.

Published at Thu, 26 Mar 2020 10:22:00 +0000