Car Insurance policies may not be invalidated for breaking these rules due to coronavirus

Car Insurance policies may not be invalidated for breaking these rules due to coronavirus

However, many insurers have decided to relax some of their rules amid the ongoing coronavirus crisis. Several car insurance companies have confirmed their policies will not be affected or invalidated by breaking simple terms to help the national effort. 

Traditionally breaking your car insurance class of use or exceeding estimated mileage could leave your policy axed. 

But insurers have agreed to guarantee cover for many motorists forced into different schedules due to the epidemic. 

Car Insurance firm Admiral has confirmed customers’ cover will not be affected if they are using their vehicle to pick up goods for those self-isolating due to the pandemic. 

Cover will also be maintained for those who have volunteered for the NHS or involved in delivering vital medicine. 

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Esure also confirms key workers such as NHS staff, teachers and care workers can drive to different locations without losing cover. 

The Association of British Insurers (ABI) says insurance companies will support those who may be travelling to different locations due to the consequences of the pandmeic. 

The ABI confirmed motorists will not need to contact their insurer to update their documents or further extend their cover. 

The relaxation comes after the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) issued a warning for insurers to support customers during the crisis. 

The FCA asked insurers to make sure customer’s ability to make a claim was not affected by changing circumstances. 

They urged insurance firms to not be misleading to customers and ensure they treat consumers fairly during the epidemic. 

Christopher Woolard, interim Chief Executive of the FCA said: “We have already seen some firms make significant efforts in difficult operating conditions. 

“We expect all firms to be clear and not misleading whenever they communicate and be fair and professional in how they deal with their customers.”

However, road users could still invalidate their agreements if they break crucial motoring laws despite the outbreak. 

Police have warned of several drivers speeding on quiet roads despite lockdown measures coming into effect. 

Panic buying can block vision from your windscreen or mirrors which increase the risk of having a car crash. 

Claiming on your policy under these circumstances is likely to invalidate an agreement for negligence. 

Government advice says you should only leave your home for essential journeys such as visiting the supermarket to get food or medicines and travel to work if you are a key worker. 

Police have warned against driving to beauty spots for daily exercise as this can be considered a non-essential journey.

Published at Sat, 28 Mar 2020 11:36:00 +0000