Car insurance policies most commonly invalidated with these mistakes says Go Compare

Car insurance policies most commonly invalidated with these mistakes says Go Compare

Car insurance agreements are often invalidated through breaking driving laws but experts have revealed other simple errors can leave policies axed. Go Compare has revealed lying about an occupation, travelling with an unroadworthy car or having no proof an accident has even happened could prevent motorists from securing payouts. 

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has also issued guidance which has pushed firms to work with motorists who may have changed their work patterns.

The guidance says motorists cannot be treated unfairly during the lockdown and firms must look at switching customers onto cheaper services to help them save money. 

No proof of having a crash

In the event of a car crash motorists must make sure they collect insurance information from another driver involved. 

Law firm Slater and Gordon has also urged road users to do a quick sketch of the accident scheme or take photos if possible. 

If someone who has scratched your car and drives off without taking any details it could become hard to track them down. 

This could see car insurance firms refusing to payout on claims which may leave owners stuck with expensive repair bills. 

Driving with an unroadworthy car 

GoCompare have revealed driving a car in a dangerous condition is one of the most popular reasons policies are rejected. 

This is an increased concern under lockdown with MOT tests suspended since March. 

Garage experts have previously warned up to one million cars could remain on UK roads in an unroadworthy condition as motorists avoid simple repairs. 

Mark Greening, told “With your car being out of use for so long, it could potentially become unsuitable for driving. 

“Check everything is safe before getting back on the road.”

Published at Wed, 17 Jun 2020 11:30:00 +0000