Car insurance warning: Wearing this watch could invalidate cover and see drivers fined

Car insurance warning: Wearing this watch could invalidate cover and see drivers fined

Car insurers could decide to terminate agreements if their customers are caught using an Apple Watch, or other smart watches, while driving. This is because using smart devices behind the wheel will be viewed the same using a smartphone. 

Motorists could become distracted while behind the wheel as they fiddle with the gadget which could put other road risers at risk. 

Road users can be fined for using their phone or smart watch device for non communication purposes as their attention is taken away from the road. 

The risk is that road users could miss oncoming road hazards which could lead to devastating consequences.

The Highway Code says motorists must exercise proper control of their vehicle at all times. 

The Code says motorosts must not use a mobile phone or similar device while they are behind the wheel or supervising a learner driver. 

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Careless driving could see motorists fined just £100 plus three penalty points, although costs could rise if a case was taken to court. 

The maximum fine for careless driving is £2,500 although in extreme cases police officers may issue even higher charges. 

If your lack of concentration is believed to have put others at serious risk, police officers may decide a dangerous driving charge is more appropriate. 

This would see road users fined £5,000 and hit with nine penalty points on their licence as well as the possibility of a temporary ban. 

A recent survey by Click4reg revealed only 21 percent of motorists were aware using their phone to pay at a drive thru restaurant was illegal.

It came as a staggering 86 percent admitted to breaking the rule and using their devices to pay for goods. 

Car insurance providers will be unlikely to pay for any repair costs to a vehicle in the event you have used a phone or device while driving. This is because any accident will be viewed as your own fault meaning insurers can refuse payouts. 

This will leave many vulnerable motorists with expensive car repair bills and could even see them blacklisted from applying for any further agreements. 

Published at Mon, 01 Jun 2020 12:52:00 +0000