Car parking warning: Drivers warned stopping vehicles in these areas can be a ‘minefield’

Car parking warning: Drivers warned stopping vehicles in these areas can be a ‘minefield’

Car parking fines and penalty points can be issued if drivers do not follow the rules with road users urged to “park further out and walk in” if somewhere will be busy. The warning comes after new research from the RAC revealed that 45million day trips will be made by UK motorists this year. 

Experts at LeaseCar have warned drivers “need to be aware of” key restrictions to avoid being caught out on a day trip or staycation holiday.  

A spokesperson for said: “Parking on the side of the road can be a real minefield but if you’re a little cash strapped or simply don’t want to pay to park, then it’s important to follow the rules.

“If you are heading somewhere you know will be busy, it’s always wise to park further out and walk in. 

“Parking restrictions are unlikely to be as strict but still make sure you check them out.

 “There are lots of places where you can’t park and restrictions you need to be aware of. Make sure you’re up to date with them to avoid parking illegally.”

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Parking on the pavement

Under current laws, drivers are only legally banned from parking on the pavement in London where fines can be issued to offenders. 

Drivers caught stopping on a kerb in the capital could face fines of up to £130 but this can be halved if paid within 14 days. 

Motorists “should not” park on pavements anywhere else in the UK but they cannot be legally charged for doing so. 

However, campaigners and some ministers have called for the rule to be changed after research found that obstructions can cause issues for some pedestrians. 

Those in wheelchairs, pushing a pram or pedestrians with poor vision particularly struggle with cars parked on the pavement. 

Parking on the road urges drivers that they must follow a range of simple rules if they decide to park on the side of the road.  

Motorists must not park facing against the current traffic flow and should stop as close as possible to the roadside,

Engine, headlights and fog lights must be switched off while the handbrake must be applied before leaving a car. 

Drivers have also been warned to look out for other road users when opening the door and that they should exit the vehicle to the side next to the kerb. 

Where not to park 

LeaseCar warns motorists that drivers cannot park in an area reserved for resident parking permits unless they have one. 

Other areas to avoid include “double and single yellow line, in red zones, on a clearway, in loading bays and on yellow and white zig-zag lines”. 

They say that parking near a school entrance, on a bend and in a bus stop could also cause issues for some road users.  

Published at Fri, 14 Aug 2020 06:40:00 +0000