‘Charles can’t handle it’ John Lydon warns ‘end of monarchy’ as he savages future king

‘Charles can’t handle it’ John Lydon warns ‘end of monarchy’ as he savages future king

Former Sex Pistols frontman John Lydon is no stranger to sharing his often controversial and outspoken remarks. And it’s a trend he’s been famous for since the very early days of the rock band after their song God Save the Queen was met with considerable backlash for its anti-royal sentiment back in 1977. Discussing the song, his views on the royals, cancel culture and a number of other things on TalkTV’s Piers Morgan: Uncensored on Thursday, John warned the “end” of the monarchy could be around the corner once Prince Charles takes over from the Queen.

However, Piers’ guest was also keen to reiterate to viewers he wasn’t actually anti-royal and was, as a matter of fact, “proud” of Queen Elizabeth II.

Referring to the 1977 single, in particular, John said to Piers: “I didn’t write it specifically for the Jubilee, that was my trail of thought. 

“And it was some several, several months before we did that boat party (featured in the music video).

“It’s very anti-royalist but it’s not anti-human,” John emphasised. “I’ve got to tell the world this, you mustn’t presume that I’m dead against the Royal Family as human beings, I’m not.

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“I’m actually really, really proud of the Queen for surviving and doing so well. 

“I applaud her for that, that’s a fantastic achievement,” the Sex Pistols star added.

He went on to Piers: “I’m not a curmudgeon about that. I just think that if I’m paying my tax money to support this system, I should have a say-so on how it’s spent.”

Taking aim at Prince Charles, John commented: “I think it’s possibly the end of the monarchy because Prince Charles is not going to be able to handle it. 

“I get quite emotional with all that. Yeah, I love my country. I love the people and everything about it. 

“But if there’s problems within it, I think I have the right to say so.

John also went on to brand Meghan Markle and Prince Harry as “parasites” for their behaviour since leaving the Royal Family.

He told Piers: “I’m sorry, but I think that they’ve shown themselves to be parasites. 

Published at Thu, 12 May 2022 20:55:28 +0000