Charles’ planning permission nightmare escalates as locals turn on prince’s ‘monstrosity’

Charles’ planning permission nightmare escalates as locals turn on prince’s ‘monstrosity’

The Duchy of Cornwall has been slammed over proposals to build 2,500 homes on Grade I agricultural land in the market town of Faversham in Kent. The Prince of Wales has been accused of “spearheading a monstrosity” by furious local residents in Faversham. One couple who lived in the area for 25 years said it persuaded them to leave the area.

Marion Sutton her husband Tim have claimed the proposals are causing them to leave the area after 25 years.

Speaking to the Daily Mail she said: “It is unbelievable that Prince Charles lectures on being kind to the environment and his own duchy is spearheading this monstrosity.”

The plan for the site is to deliver the “most sustainable” homes possible.

The Prince’s estate said that the homes will address a housing crisis in Faversham.

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The groups are also joined by the Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE).

Doctor Hilary Newport, director of CPRE Kent, said they “do not believe the plans are environmentally sustainable”.

She added: “Grade one agricultural land is a scarce resource we can’t be squandering.

“Kent is called the Garden of England for a reason.”

Speaking to the Daily Mail, local history teacher Anthony Kemp said: “Out of all the developments in Faversham, I think this will be the best one.

“However, I feel it is completely inappropriate for a market town like Faversham to have been given too large a housing allocation.”

Also, speaking to the Daily Mail, councillor Ben Martin added: “We do need housing because we have a housing crisis.

“There seems to be an appreciation for the town from the Duchy’s representatives, they’re willing to engage.”

Published at Sat, 09 Oct 2021 19:30:03 +0000