Christine Lampard confuses Loose Women fans with bizarre admission: ‘Where has she been?’

Christine Lampard confuses Loose Women fans with bizarre admission: ‘Where has she been?’

Christine Lampard, 41, was on hand to host today’s edition of Loose Women and to kickstart the show, she made reference to Wednesday being July 1. With many traditions and old wives tales doing the rounds to mark the beginning of a new month, the presenter thought she would get involved with the occasion. Welcoming ITV viewers to the programme she said: “Pinch, punch, first of the month.” However, they soon took to social media when she admitted she had “never” heard of the saying.

“You’re joking?” fellow panellist Nadia Sawalha, 55, remarked in shock as Jane Moore, 58, looked on at the host in bewilderment.

“No. Have you all heard of it?” Christine asked the members of the crew, which they replied with a disgruntled “yes”.

“I am literally the only person who has never heard of that,” the host admitted, to which one of her co-star’s explained she must have “forgotten” the tradition.

“Can someone please write in and tell me I’m not the only one,” the presenter pleaded with viewers and they, sure enough, took to Twitter to voice their response on the matter.

One wrote on the social media platform: “I hadn’t either until I saw someone say it online a few years ago. I’m wondering if its an English expression, as I’m Scottish.”

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A second added: “First time I’ve heard the ‘pinch, punch, first of the month’ too Christine. You’re not alone.”

Whilst a third commented: “I have never ever heard this saying until today!!” others couldn’t believe the host’s admission.

“What?? We’ve been doing pinch punch for years!!! Although it’s unlucky to say it after midday apparently,” a fourth posted.

A fifth remarked: “I’ve heard of it & I know other people that do,” with a sixth sharing: “Where has she been all her life?”


“Change the locks so the first time they would know is when they came back and they couldn’t get into their own house,” Jane continued.

“And then I would deal with it probably in some way and yeah, I love the idea of a showdown but I probably wouldn’t do it.”

Chiming in, Christine added: “I wouldn’t rule it out [a showdown],” which left her co-stars shocked.

“I’d like to think I was calm but isn’t it funny how your mind can go to weird places? I was watching Fatal Attraction on telly the other night and it was brilliant.”

In other Loose Women news, regular panellist and comedian Judi Love, 40, will be featuring in the first episode of the new season of Celebrity MasterChef.

As Nadia went to wish her co-star good luck, she mentioned she was a previous winner of the series, which left Christine to make jibes about her accolade.

“Did you win MasterChef?” the host jokingly asked, with the panel in stitches over the comical moment.

“Yes I did,” the reality show competition champion declared, before sending her best wishes to the contestant.

Loose Women airs weekdays at 12:30pm on ITV.

Published at Wed, 01 Jul 2020 12:37:00 +0000