Cleaning: Mrs Hinch fan’s £2 washing machine hack that removes years of grime build up

Cleaning: Mrs Hinch fan’s £2 washing machine hack that removes years of grime build up

Mrs Hinch is an Instagram cleaning guru who shares cheap incredible cleaning hacks. Fans of the cleaning sensation have recently set up their own Facebook pages so that they can share their own cleaning finds with one another. With cleaning being more important than ever to keep germs out of the home and to maintain hygiene in the home, one Mrs Hinch fan has shared a cheap washing machine hack to remove grime and dirt.

Some Mrs Hinch fans have previously suggested that using this combination to clean their house is just as good, if not better than spending money on expensive cleaning products from the stores.

Bicarbonate of soda can be picked up for as little as £1 and can be used in baking as well as cleaning.

White vinegar can be purchased from any supermarket and also retails for as little as £1.

While the washing up liquid isn’t essential in cleaning out the washing machine, it can remove the strong smell that white vinegar leaves behind.

This product can be picked up for as little as 75p from supermarkets as well as B&M and Home Bargains where some fans have raved about finding it for 10p on sale.

Mrs Hinch has also shared how amazing this product can be as it not only removes dirt that has been caught but it will also make sure any left over product has been rinsed off.

Fans of the cleaning hack were quick to rush to comment on how amazing the washing machine had turned out and shared how they wanted to try this.

One comment read: “Wow, great job! Mine looks like your before photo. On my to do list this week.”

Other fans have shared their washing machine cleaning hacks using a different cleaning product that will also help you achieve the same results.

This hack uses another of Mrs Hinch favourite cleaning products called The Pink Stuff paste, a popular product that has caused sales to go through the roof since Mrs Hinch has shared her tips and tricks when using it.

Raving about The Pink Stuff paste, one woman shared how she used the product to scrub the dirt away from her washing machine drawer focusing on the grime that had built up over months.

She explained how she covered the drawer with the cleaning paste and left it to sit for a few minutes. She then rinsed away the product which left the drawer sparkling clean.

The product is very versatile and can be used on stainless steel taps, work surfaces and to clean hobs.

Star Brands, the company behind The Pink Stuff say the cleaner is a: “Hardworking, cream cleaner designed to help you remove stains from around the home whilst being gentle on surfaces.”

The company has since bought out different varieties of The Pink Stuff which can also be used when cleaning the oven.

They include a multi-purpose cleaner which can be used on work surfaces and a miracle cream cleaner too. These products can also be purchased at stores like B&M and Home Bargains.

The cleaning sensation shared how this product can be used in nearly every room of the home and she uses it to clean her hob as well as inside her oven.

Published at Mon, 22 Jun 2020 02:00:00 +0000