Cleaning tips: Mrs Hinch fan transforms her radiator using quick and easy steps

Cleaning tips: Mrs Hinch fan transforms her radiator using quick and easy steps

Mrs Hinch, also known as Sophie Hinchcliffe rose to fame after she started posting cheap and easy cleaning hacks onto her Instagram. She shares home cleaning hacks with cheap products as well as step by step guides onto her social media. Fans of the cleaning guru have since set up their own Facebook pages so that they can share their own cleaning discoveries with one another.

The radiator was marked with stains and dirt and had become discoloured over the years of not cleaning it.

The Pink Stuff paste can be picked up for as little as 89p and Mrs Hinch fans have revealed on their Facebook pages that it has become a household cleaning staple.

Katie then used an Elbow Grease pad and sprayed it with another Mrs Hinch favourite, Zoflora which is a scented disinfectant.

After spraying it with her favourite ‘Pine’ scent, she used the pad to wipe away The Pink Stuff paste.

She also revealed that she diluted the Zoflora before spraying and Zoflora recommend diluting it 1:40.

Cleaning guru Mrs Hinch also loves Zoflora and she helps disinfect her sink every evening by pouring a capful of her favourite scent down the plug hole to keep it smelling fresh.

Mrs Hinch has also been known to love the Elbow Grease cleaning pads which retail at just 99p and can be purchased from stores like B&M.

Katie then revealed her sparkling clean radiator and wrote: “Spray with Zoflora after cleaning and when your heating is on the room will smell amazing!”

After showing off her clean radiator, her video received over 13,000 and over 100 comments.

One cleaning fan commented: “Ooh something else I can use my pink stuff on.”

“Amazing idea, I’ll have to try that,” another one said.

The Pink Stuff can also be used on household items like stainless steel taps, stainless steel sinks and fans have also shown how it can remove grime and dirt from the bottom of saucepans.

Mrs Hinch herself has been seen using the product on nearly every surface possible. In particular, she uses it to clean her oven and electric hobs. She says that she will leave the paste to sit for a few minutes before wiping it away with a cleaning cloth.

Published at Mon, 25 May 2020 02:00:00 +0000