Cleaning tips: Mrs Hinch’s favourite cleaning spray can clean every surface in the home

Cleaning tips: Mrs Hinch’s favourite cleaning spray can clean every surface in the home

Mrs Hinch is a well known cleaning sensation who rose to fame after posting cleaning tips and tricks on her Instagram. Sophie also shares cheap products that she loves and uses to clean her home in Essex. She has revealed how her new cleaning spray is versatile and can clean nearly every surface in the home.

Showing before and after photos, the Mrs Hinch fan revealed how a small amount of the product removed stains from her sofa that she had tried to remove for years.

Captioning the photo, the mum wrote: “Why spend £50 to get your couch cleaned when you can buy this for 89p!!! Can’t believe the result!!

“I just sprayed the full couch, took the covers off and put in wash for 15 mins.”

Mrs Hinch shared how she used the product to get her window panes looking amazing and clean.

Mrs Hinch says the product is very versatile and is great for removing smudges from glass tables and fans have even said it can clean the oven to remove residue.

A cleaning fan posted amazing before and after snaps of her oven, revealing that she’d managed to clean what a professional oven cleaner couldn’t thanks to the cheap spray.

Speaking to Fabulous Online, Lucy revealed: “I have had my oven cleaned professionally before and she did a fabulous job of the hob and window.

“However, there is always this horrible stubborn bit everyone seems to struggle to get off… including a professional cleaner.”

Revealing her super simple method, Lucy added: “I sprayed the Elbow Grease and left to soak for 30 minutes.

“Once I had done this, I used a scourer and an old spoon to scrape from side to side and remove the marks.”

Another fan raved about the £1 Elvis Elbow Degreaser cleaning product on social media explaining how she washed her son’s clothes with the cleaning spray.

The pictures show a previously yellowed T-shirt now sparkling white after using the Elvia Elbow Degreaser product.

Published at Fri, 05 Jun 2020 03:28:00 +0000