Coronavirus latest: WHO records RECORD daily increase in cases as Europe eases lockdown

Coronavirus latest: WHO records RECORD daily increase in cases as Europe eases lockdown

The virus has spread worldwide and been highly lethal, infecting 8,926,050 and killing 467,611 according to John Hopkins University. Despite the latest news showing the virus isn’t slowing, countries in Europe have begun easing their lockdown measures, as they continue to see lower cases of the virus.

The WHO have revealed that June 21 saw a record rise in daily coronavirus cases.

Sunday saw 183,020 new cases over 24 hours.

The largest rises were seen in North and South America, with over 116,000 new cases.

The previous record was on June 18, which saw 181,232.

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World health organisation record cases coronavirus

The WHO has reported that Sunday saw a record high number of coronavirus cases (Image: PA)

World health organisation tedros cases coronavirus

The record number of daily cases is now 183,020 (Image: PA)

It follows the shock reveal that Latin America and the Caribbean have surpassed two million cases.

Brazil accounts for a majority of this figure, and has become the second country in the world to reach over a million coronavirus cases.

It is also the second country to register more than 50,000 coronavirus related deaths.

In total, the country has seen 1,083,341 cases and 50,591 deaths.

Experts warn that the true number of cases and deaths may be higher due to a lack of testing in Brazil, and fears remains that the virus hasn’t peaked yet.

coronavirus cases worldwide june 21

Coronavirus cases worldwide as of June 21 (Image: Express)

World health organisation tedros cases coronavirus

Previously, June 18 saw the record daily rise, with 181,232 (Image: PA)

The US remains the country with the highest cases and deaths from the virus, at 2,278,588 and 119,959 respectively.

The US also recorded the second highest infection rate on a Sunday yesterday, being surpassed only by April 12.

Sunday June 21 saw 27,465 new cases of coronavirus, whereas April 12, the peak of infections for the country, saw 27,900.

Despite the rising fears of a second wave in the US, President Donald Trump has insisted on campaigning across the country for his re-election bid.


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In a report published by the WHO, it was also revealed that the WHO Regional Office for the Americas found that services for prevention and treatment for noncommunicable diseases (NCD’s) have been critically affected by the pandemic.

Anselm Hennis, Director of the Department of Noncommunicable Diseases and Mental Health at Pan-American Health Organisation, said: “This situation is very troubling because it puts people living with NCDs at greater risk of becoming critically ill or dying if they have COVID-19.

“Countries should seek innovative ways to ensure continuity while at the same time addressing COVID-19.”

bolsonaro brazil coronavirus cases high

Brazil is now the second country in the world to pass one million cases (Image: PA)

donald trump US coronavirus cases high

The US remains the country with the highest cases, at over two million (Image: PA)

The same report also saw Regional Director for Europe Dr Han Henri P. Kluge share that Europe accounts for 31 percent of all coronavirus cases.

Europe also accounts for 43 percent of all deaths from coronavirus.

On Friday, Dr Kluge made a statement about Europe’s battle with the virus: “In the past month the number of European countries showing significant increases in cumulative incidence has more than tripled, from 6 to 21 countries.

“As I have expressed to many journalists, COVID-19 is still in a very active phase in many countries.

“It is crucial that we continue to recover and rebuild following lockdown, but it’s also really important that authorities fully invest in having an aggressive track, test and trace surveillance system to avoid costly additional lockdowns in the weeks and months ahead should the virus rebound.”

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