Coronavirus POLL: NO lockdown for the over 70s – ‘You can’t force us to do anything!’

Coronavirus POLL: NO lockdown for the over 70s – ‘You can’t force us to do anything!’

This is due to the fact the age group are considered to be more vulnerable and susceptible to serious consequences of the illness according to medical data. The Government plans have not yet been clarified in detail, however many are concerned at the change it will bring about in day to day life. In fact, a recent poll of readers showed the majority of respondents did not think the lockdown measures should be implemented for the age group.

The poll asked ‘Should over 70s be forced to self-isolate for up to four months?’

Out of 7,960 people who responded, 69 percent (5,486) said no.

This is compared to the 28 percent (2,192) of people who believed the over 70s should be forced to isolate.

And only three percent (282) answered that they were unsure.


Matt Hancock and Boris Johnson have warned self-isolation is impending for over 70s (Image: Getty)

Chris Whitty

Medical advice is coming from chief medical adviser, Professor Chris Whitty (Image: Getty)

The poll ran from 4pm on Monday, March 16 to 4pm on Tuesday, March 17.

Many also took to the comments to express their reluctance to self-isolate in accordance with government advice.

One reader wrote: “I’m 72 and have no intention of self-isolating even though I suffer with COPD.

“On one hand they say they will let convicts out early and then want to bang me up for wanting to be able to shop for food.”

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The advisory trio will deliver regular updates (Image: Getty)

And another said: “I am just over 70 and am taking what I consider common-sense actions to mitigate the risks.

“I will monitor the situation and ramp up those actions based on medical advice.”

A third wrote: “How do we oldies get our food to eat, etc?

“If we are confined to virtual house arrest, we will run out of provisions in a few weeks.”

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The pandemic is dangerous for over 70s amongst other groups considered vulnerable (Image: Getty)


Research has shown the over 70s are at a particular risk (Image: Getty)

A fourth said: “Who will feed us?

“The government cannot look after the over 70s, they have run the NHS system down too much, but at least they are starting to admit that!

“No masks, no hand steriliser, no test kits, and they offer us nothing but isolation for four months, pathetic!”

And a fifth said: “You can’t force the over 70s to do anything!”


The Government’s plan to fight back against coronavirus (Image: EXPRESS)

But some hit out at the resistance to Government measures, saying isolation measures were not as draconian as they may appear.

Another reader wrote: “Isolation is about minimal contact with others and providing opportunity for over 70s to have that minimum contact.

“Nobody is talking about imprisoning them in their homes.”

And a second said: “The Govt should advise but not force.

“Not all elderly people enjoy the luxury of having family nearby to pitch in and help with shopping etc.”

Mr Hancock has said the potential Government measure may be introduced “within the coming weeks”, and acknowledged it word be “a very big ask”.


The poll asked whether over 70s should be forced to self-isolate (Image: EXPRESS)

And the Prime Minister has warned people they must be prepared to be “in this for the long haul.”

Some over 70s have expressed concern about being isolated, but the director of services at the Independent Age charity, Simon Hewett-Avison has said this is a normal feeling.

He urged the Government to provide clearer advice, adding: “If this is all they’re seeing, this conflicting advice, opinion and guidance, it’s understandable that people are going to feel anxious and worried and not really understand what it is that they’re supposed to be doing to look after themselves, and also look after people around them.”

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