Coronavirus school closures: The REAL reason why UK schools are not allowed to close

Coronavirus school closures: The REAL reason why UK schools are not allowed to close

So far, more than 590 people have been tested positive for the coronavirus. Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced on Thursday that COVID-19 “is the worst public health crisis for a generation”.

The Government’s top scientist also warned that up to 10,000 people in the UK could already be infected.

In its next phase of tackling the coronavirus, the Government has said measures such as closing schools and colleges, and encouraging people to work from home and limiting social interactions could soon be on the horizon.

These measures will all work to halt the spread of the virus.

However, the Prime Minister has said that schools in the UK are not going to be closed at this time as it could only worsen the current situation.

Other counties such as Italy are already on lockdown, and on Thursday, Ireland announced that all schools and colleges will be closing.

At a press conference alongside the chief medical officer Professor Chris Whitty and chief scientific advisor Sir Patrick Vallance, Mr Johnson said: “We are not, repeat not, closing schools now.

“The scientific advice is that this could do more harm than good at this time but of course we are keeping this under review and this again may change as the disease spreads.

“Schools should only be closed if they are specifically told to do so.”

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Bryan tweeted: “UK Government will stay on this course for a couple of weeks, then when the numbers get very large (end of March, 1st week April) will be forced to change course & close schools etc.

“By then it will be way too late to contain or delay…”

Another said: “I’m in the UK and the government and the PM agreed today that schools won’t be shutting down since it’s not bad.

“Weird since two weeks ago their were 80 cases and now we are at 600 cases.”

Jonathan said:” I live in Milan Italy took only 48 hrs to close the schools. The UK needs to act now.

“Not testing people when they have symptoms by telling them to stay home is just fudging the numbers.”

Another said: “Yet you keeping schools open? Close!!!! Look at proactive states like Ireland.

“UK put their heads in the sand and look what’s happening? Take action now!”

Another Twitter user said: “I’m seriously not okay with how slow and lax the UK’s approach to an already widespread pandemic that hasn’t even peaked yet.

“Close the schools and unis, learning can wait, curbing the spread of coronavirus can’t.”

Published at Fri, 13 Mar 2020 00:47:00 +0000