Coronavirus symptoms: Do your toes look like this? Signs you could have ‘COVID toes’

Coronavirus symptoms: Do your toes look like this? Signs you could have ‘COVID toes’

The coronavirus outbreak has taken an incredible toll on almost everyone in the world. The deadly bug has more than 2.49 million infection cases confirmed globally, and a staggering 163,500 people are known to have died from the disease. The World Health Organisation (WHO) has declared COVID-19 a pandemic after its spread to more than 190 countries around the world. To significantly reduce one’s risk of serious health consequences, monitoring your body’s symptoms has never been more crucial – and there is an unusual symptom of a possible infection found in one’s toes.

What exactly are COVID toes?

COVID toes appear as frostbite-like areas of typically red or purple discolouration which can appear on the feet.

Dr Misha Rosenbach, associate professor of Dermatology at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania added this symptom may also appear on one’s fingers too.

The discolouration is not due to anything to do with the weather.

Dr Amy Paller, chair of dermatology at Northwestern University said: “What we are seeing tends to be in response to the cold, but we’re seeing it in the middle of spring.

“And it’s happening in such numbers as is COVID that we have to think there’s a connection.”

Dr Lautenbach added: “This is a manifestation that occurs early on in the disease, meaning you have this first, then you progress.

“Sometimes this might be your first clue that they have COVID when they don’t’ have any other symptoms.”

As latest updates and death tolls continue to spark fear in many, a welcomed piece of optimistic news has just been announced.

Matt Hancock, Health secretary has announced the UK has “reached the peak” of the coronavirus pandemic.

Speaking in the House of Commons, Mr Hancock said social distancing was “making a difference.” Mr Hancock continued to stress the importance of adhering to the Government’s measures and said: “First, the NHS needs to continue to cope, second, that the operational challenges can be met, third, that the daily death rate falls substantially and consistently, fourth, that the rate of infection is decreasing, and most importantly, that there is no risk of a second peak.”

Published at Wed, 22 Apr 2020 14:52:00 +0000