Council tax: Can you change your council tax band? How to SLASH your bills

Council tax: Can you change your council tax band? How to SLASH your bills

Currently, an estimated 400,000 households in England and Scotland are overpaying for their council tax. Many homes are in the wrong council tax bands, and have been since 1991. Additionally, many councils are offering extra support like payment holidays for residents who are particularly struggling during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Can you change your council tax band?

In short, yes. Money saving expert Martin Lewis warned many Brits are paying too much for their council tax due to being in the wrong council tax band.

Mr Lewis wrote on his website: “In 10 minutes, at no cost, you can check and challenge your council tax banding, potentially slashing what you will pay in future and getting a rebate back going years.

“Thousands have tried and succeeded, and payouts in the £1,000s are very commonplace.”

Mr Lewis added: “Typical bills are £1,000 plus a year, yet many wrongly assume they have to pay it in gill as a done deal without considering the ways to slash it.”

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A few successful people managed to push April and May’s council tax payments so they began in June, while other local councils were more generous and offered a longer deferral.

If you are currently on benefits or getting financial help due to a low income, you should be getting 100 percent off your bill.

Mr Lewis warns, however, these payments may not be backdated so advises claimants to apply as soon as possible – the longer you wait, the less you get.

Additionally, those who live alone, carers or people who live with under 18s are eligible for a 25 percent discount.

Claimants for the discount can also apply to receive backdated payments.

To make your bill cheaper on a monthly basis, you can also ask your council to pay the bill over a 12-month period as opposed to 10 months.

This can facilitate monthly budgeting and save you some serious cash as a result.

If you want to do this, you should contact your local council and tell them you want to change to the new payment schedule.

Published at Sun, 31 May 2020 20:24:00 +0000