Councils ‘underfunded’ to deal with pothole damages as experts push for tech upgrade

Councils ‘underfunded’ to deal with pothole damages as experts push for tech upgrade

The specialist has urged local councils to invest in new pothole technology which could help authorities save money on expensive road repair schemes. Pothole claims are already made by thousands of motorists to local councils for compensation to pay for damages. 

However, this could be set to rise in 2020 after two UK storms saw a major increase in the level of pothole damage across the country. 

Harry Pearl, CEO of Roadmender Asphalt has claimed councils are “underfunded” to deal with the challenge of road repairs and could look to alternatives. 

Speaking to, Mr Pearl said: “Britain’s councils have been underfunded in their challenge to repair our road infrastructure.  

“With the rapid growth of road users, as well as testing weather conditions, local authorities have been under increased pressure to deal with road degradation.”

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Local areas are responsible for clearing up pothole damage around their constituency and often spend finances on traditional pothole filling methods. 

However, Mr Pearl is urging local councils to look at new technology to help meet the challenge 

The company’s new Elastomac claims to halve the cost of pothole repairs for local councils due to the tool’s simple design. 

Mr Pearl added: “As a flowable product made from 65 percent recycled materials that’s poured into pot holes, with 11 waste tyres recycled into every ton, Elastomac is also massively more sustainable than the old saw cut and replace repair methods used to repair potholes with regular asphalt.” 

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The tool claims to repair cracks, joints and potholes as well as shallow surface defects. 

The product also claims to offer a long service life and a fast curing option for councils to use to repair the damage. 

The government provided £23million of funding for research and trials into pothole technology last year. 

Local councils have taken an interest in new technology with Northamptonshire council recently investing in over £650,000 worth of new machines. 

Speaking to, Mr Pothole said: “With smart investment on capital equipment it could reduce revenue expenditure or better still increase the amount of works carried out.”

He claims UK roads need a proper “long term” investment plan with money in place for resurfacing programmes as well as repairing damage. 

He said failing to properly repair roads was “wasting taxpayers money” before suggesting a range of equipment which could be used to fight pothole damages. 

Speaking to, he said: “Thermo repairs kit to improve repairs reducing cost and waste. 

“Planned resurfacing of the most needy roads to reduce Potholes from forming in the first place.”

Published at Tue, 17 Mar 2020 14:45:00 +0000