Cruise: Guests may be banned from speciality experiences if they don’t follow this rule

Cruise: Guests may be banned from speciality experiences if they don’t follow this rule

“Ocean cruise dress codes normally prohibit shorts and beachwear in dining venues, and encourage men to wear trousers and shirts, and women dresses, during mealtimes.

“These rules are amped up during formal nights, whereby a full tux may be required to dine in a specific venue.”

Though dressing up may seem a chore for some, Adam says they really add to the experience, but the clothing standard does vary across cruise operators.

“At dinner, most cruise ship speciality restaurants tend to be ‘smart casual’ – nice outfits for women and collared shirts and smart shoes for men,” he explains.

“In some upscale speciality restaurants, such as Disney Cruises’ Remy, every night is dress-up night, and jackets are always required for men while the women dress in evening attire.

“For the most part, you can dine at any restaurant as often as you like, provided you are able to get a table.

“The exception would be lines that put a restriction on reservations, usually because certain ships only have one or two extra restaurants. “

Though some strict cruise operators might turn a customer away if they show up in casual attire, Darren doesn’t think any cruise line would refuse to honour a passenger’s booking.

He said: “Ocean cruise lines have their own policies when it comes to dress code and acceptable attire, and often these vary between dining venues.

“It’s highly likely that a passenger would be turned away from a restaurant if they weren’t adhering to the dress code, and either asked to dine somewhere else or go back to their room and change.”

While dress codes for exclusive experiences might be common at sea when casual cruisers might benefit from a river option.

Published at Sun, 03 May 2020 03:01:00 +0000