Cruise holidays: Big changes for cruise ships after coronavirus as new rules issued

Cruise holidays: Big changes for cruise ships after coronavirus as new rules issued

Cruise holidays are set to be rather different from what cruise-lovers were previously used to. A number of rules have been issued under the EU Healthy Gateways’ Covid-19 guidance for what cruise companies must do and not due in the wake of coronavirus. The EU Healthy Gateways is pushing for “a gradual return to the seas” as it unveiled the measures for cruises to follow.

What’s more, passengers will likely be divided up into smaller groups for meals.

This will also apply to embarkation and tours.

Older passengers may also be separated from younger passengers with activities arranged by age.

As for children’s play areas, cruise lines are discouraged from having indoor areas and they should be rigorously cleaned.


A number of health and safety measures will be implemented such as the wearing of face masks and strict social distancing.

Those who like to keep fit onboard will also face changes. Gym machines will be placed two meters apart and cleaned after each use while details of attendees will be recorded.

Cruise companies are advised against having indoor pools and the number of swimmers should be restricted.

Furthermore, hot tubs can only be used by guests staying in the same cabin.

Companies should also consider disinfecting luggage before loading.

Many cruise lines will reduce the number of passengers onboard as well as shorten the length of voyages.

The number of port visits may also be limited.

Anyone over 65 or with chronic illnesses such as cardiovascular, diabetes, or respiratory diseases should see a doctor before travelling to check they are fit to travel.

Published at Mon, 06 Jul 2020 16:15:00 +0000