Cruise: How much luggage are you allowed on a P&O cruise ship holiday?

Cruise: How much luggage are you allowed on a P&O cruise ship holiday?

Cruise ship holidays do still have luggage allowances in place but they vary from cruise line to cruise line. Provided you are not flying to your cruise starting point, you’ll likely be able to take a substantial volume. So what is the luggage allowance for a holiday with British cruise line P&O Cruises? The Southampton-based company is pretty generous when it comes to their luggage rules.

On a P&O roundtrip cruise from Southampton, you can bring as much as you like – provided it “comfortably fits” in your cabin.

Each bag you bring, however, will have to weigh under 23kg “for safety and handling purposes.

It’s important to follow these rules as you may find your trip disrupted if your bags exceed the allowance.

The P&O Cruises website explains: “If an individual piece of luggage exceeds 23kg at embarkation you will be recalled to the terminal and asked to remove items or repack your bags.

“Your baggage may also be delayed at disembarkation if you exceed this limit.”

The restrictions differ, however, for passengers who are flying to their destination or have a coach transfer.

Return coach transfers operated by Cruise Connect are available on all Southampton round trip cruise of seven nights or more.

P&O Cruises says: “Cruise Connect restrict guests to a luggage allowance of two ‘medium’ cases weighing no more than 23kgs per piece plus one item of hand luggage per person.”

And for those flying by plane: “When flying to meet the ship, both the charter and scheduled flight luggage restrictions vary, but are usually between 20 and 23 kilograms per person.

“If your airline allowance is greater than 23 kilograms, we ask that no individual item of luggage weighs more than 23 kilograms, in order to be safely handled by the ship’s crew.

Those flying should be prepared by packing a change of clothes in your hand luggage should you be separated from your main baggage. 

By having a spare pair of clothes you’ll be better set if you’re left without your luggage for a day or so should there be delays.

If luggage is lost en route it will need to be found and then shipped to the next port of call – all of which can take some time.

The same rule applies to any important toiletries or medication you may have.

P&O passengers can also avail themselves of the luggage courier service and have luggage sent to the ship ahead of them.

Just as with airlines, cruise ships have restrictions on items that are brought on board – and they are particularly vigilant with alcohol in luggage. 

Published at Mon, 29 Apr 2019 20:45:00 +0000