Cruise secrets: Crew member reveals ‘biggest perk’ about job thanks to ‘men in uniform’

Cruise secrets: Crew member reveals ‘biggest perk’ about job thanks to ‘men in uniform’

Cruise ship holidays see hundreds of members of crew working hard to make the trip enjoyable for the passengers onboard. These staff members are kept busy and often work long hours – but there are positives to the job. Former cruise ship doctor Ben MacFarlane revealed the joys of the profession in his book Cruise Ship SOS. MacFarlane explained he was told about the perks of the job from a colleague when he first started onboard.

The ex cruise doctor was told that the “biggest” perk to working on cruises was all the women.

“The best perks are the ladies: the dancers, the singer, the shop staff, the waitresses, the hairdressers, the spa girls,” the cruise colleague told MacFarlane.

“They all love a man in uniform. They adore a man with three or more stripes on his shoulders.”

The Doctor’s fellow crew member also revealed the perils of romance aboard a cruise ship.

“You’ll have to decide how faithful you want to be,” he said. “Most of the officers on board are married, but you wouldn’t know that from the way they act once we leave port.

“Last cruise we had a nasty outbreak of gonorrhoea. The contact tracing took the rest of the cruise.

“It would have been more efficient to just put antibiotics in the water supply and treat the whole bridge and spa staff in one go.”

Another former cruise ship worker, Joshua Kinser, also revealed how rife relationships at sea can be. 

In Kinser’s book Chronicles of a Cruise Ship Member he explained that crew tend to develop “ship goggles” when it comes to the attractiveness of those around them.

“An interesting phenomenon occurs when you’re put into an environment where you generally only see the same one thousand or so crew member for six months. You realise that beauty is relative,” he wrote.

“After a crew member spends six months with the same shipmates, anyone who is breathing and has properly functioning sex organs is considered dateable.

“This is the phenomenon that crew members call ‘ship goggles,’ because it’s similar to what happens to a passenger after they’ve spent the entire afternoon at Carlos and Charlie’s in Cozumel playing the flip-cup drinking game with tequila shots.

“After five months on a ship, a guy with a face that has all the handsome qualities of a blowfish will get as much attention from beautiful women as the Beatles did back in 1964.”

However, should feelings develop between crew members, it can make life very hard indeed and the perk quickly becomes one of the greatest challenges.

“The most difficult thing I feel most crew members endure is the hardship they face if they fall in love with another crew member on a cruise ship,” Kinser told 

“There is a constantly changing group of crew members on ships. Every cruise many crew members finish their contracts and pack up and head home or to their next ship.

“The peril of falling in love on a cruise ship is that the person you fell in love with will one day pack their bags and walk down that gangway.

“Sometimes the love lasts. Sometimes life on land or ship life pulls you in different directions. A lot of true love has fallen overboard and been lost at sea in ship life. Ocean currents are a mysterious force, and many times they pull the love of crew members apart.”

Published at Wed, 14 Aug 2019 16:24:00 +0000