Cruise secrets: Never do this one thing on a cruise ship – you risk being thrown off

Cruise secrets: Never do this one thing on a cruise ship – you risk being thrown off

Cruise ship holidays are an exciting time to enjoy visiting multiple destinations. There are plenty of good meals to be eaten, friends to make and new experiences to be had. However, there are still key rules that need to be abided by during your time away with the cruise line. There’s one thing that’s very important on your first day of the cruise – and not doing it could result in very serious consequences.

Adam Coulter, UK managing editor of Cruise Critic, explained to the importance of the muster drill.

No matter how many cruises you have been on you will always need to attend this procedure.

“Don’t skip the muster drill,” insisted Coulter. “It’s mandatory and provides important information in case of an emergency.

“If you miss it, you can be thrown off at the first port, regardless of whether you have sailed before.”

In 2012 Seabourn Cruise Line kicked an elderly couple off the ship when they failed to show up at the drill. 

In a statement, Seabourn confirmed that the pair were debarked after the wife refused to attend the mandatory passenger emergency drill “despite multiple explicit warnings and personal communication by ship’s officers.”

Unfortunately, many passengers – especially those who have sailed before – find the drill rather boring, although this is no reason to skip it.

“It’s no secret that passengers have a special hate/hate relationship with the emergency boat drills that take place at the beginning of each cruise,” former cruise ship worker Joshua Kinser wrote in his book Chronicles of a Cruise Ship Member.

“For most passengers, it only takes one boat drill to become instantly aware that they are something you absolutely dislike.” 

The ex cruise worker continued: “I fully understand the desire to throw the boat drill over the rails.

“Nothing says care-free holiday like starting it off donning your life jacket so you can listen to an officer tell you what to do if an iceberg slices the hull of the ship wide open like a can opener or how to jump overboard it the cruise liner runs aground and become the world’s largest artificial reef off the coast of Italy.”

There are a number of other things you should and shouldn’t do on your first day on a cruise.

One tip concerning luggage is to take the stairs. “Don’t take the lifts if you can help it,” said Coulter.

“They tend to be very crowded on embarkation day with passengers and crew ferrying luggage between decks.”

It’s also advisable to pack a set of holiday clothes in your hand luggage so you can easily access it should you want to change. 

This could be vital if you have to wait a while for your luggage to arrive in your room.

Published at Wed, 18 Sep 2019 18:00:00 +0000