Cruise secrets: Passengers in luck if they find themselves in a cabin next to this person

Cruise secrets: Passengers in luck if they find themselves in a cabin next to this person

Cruise ship passengers are treated to a vast selection of cabins on-board. Yet while all tend to offer great physical comfort, some in particular may provide an extra spot of mental reassurance as well. Those who are placed on one particular floor could find themselves next to the ship doctor – perfect for if unexpected illness strikes. Former cruise medic Ben MacFarlane admitted his cabin was always placed next to those of passengers.

In his book Cruise Ship SOS, he wrote about his first thoughts on his cabin, where he would be spending weeks on end.

He put: “Inside the room it’s all very corporate and clean.

“All the surfaces and furnishings are blonde or beige and I know it’s going to feel more like a hotel than a home.

“But I’m thanking my lucky stars that medics are treated as officers and get passenger cabins on the guest decks.”

This may mean guests who find themselves in spot of bother, or who perhaps can’t make it down to the ship’s medical ward, could seek a little out of hours advice.

Ben went on to detail how cruise ship doctors were issued with three separate uniforms, compared to staff who wear white to show their rank.

Yet they were also asked to bring a dinner jacket for black tie events.

While on board, cruise ship medics face a host of differing problems and complaints.

One condition they appear to suffer from themselves has now come to light.

Former cruise ship worker Joshua Kinser has revealed during his time on board, he suffered from numerous bouts of “ship fever”.

He opened up on his experiences in new book, Chronicles of a Cruise Ship Worker, and wrote the heavy, incessant schedules may have been to blame.

He wrote: “Eventually, I found ways to deal with sea days but at the time, they were beginning to give me a case of the ship version of cabin fever.

“Crew members who sail aboard ships headed to Hawaii and back or partake in an ocean crossing from New York to England can have many consecutive days at sea in a row, and these crew members can easily develop ship fever.

“Ship fever occurs when you begin to have a difficult time being isolated out in the middle of the ocean, and the only cure is to get off the ship.”

Talking of a slight cure, he added: “I was able to reduce the temperature of my ship fever by getting off the ship and exploring a port, but this was only temporary.”

Published at Sun, 05 May 2019 05:01:00 +0000