Cruise: Superyacht captain reveals the one destination she would ‘love’ to visit

Cruise: Superyacht captain reveals the one destination she would ‘love’ to visit

Below Deck: Mediterranean is a US reality TV series which airs on Hayu that chronicles the lives of crew members who work and live on a mega yacht. Each series films the crew, captain and guests on a charter season in a different location. The fifth season of the show premiered on June 1, and took place around the islands and country of Spain.

As well as a chef, stewardesses, deckhands and a bosun, the life of the captain on board the super yacht is also documented.

Season five saw the return of superyacht captain Sandy Yawn who has more than 30 years of experience in the field.

Sandy, who has been in four of the five series of the show, has charted yachts from the Mediterranean to the Persian Gulf.

She is one of the few female captains in the industry and has earned an outstanding reputation.

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“I think the water keeps people young”, she added.

“I’ve travelled the Med, the eastern and western Med and one place I haven’t been that I want to go is Istanbul.

“I would love to do charters over there in Turkey.

“But for me, everywhere I go I always immerse myself in the local culture.”

She then explained how one of her favourite experiences was when she lived in Italy.

“I rented an apartment about 10km outside of Genoa in Nervi and it’s such a little village and I had to learn to speak Italian to order food.

“If you don’t get to the grocery store before noon, you can’t buy milk.

“People buy food for the day and for the evening.

“And I love that. I learned how to speak to Italian – just enough to not get me in trouble!”

Sandy explained how there was one particular monument in Genoa that particularly stood out to her.

“There’s history there,” she said.

She continued: “There’s a graveyard that’s in Genoa that is monumental.

“And when you go through it, it’s fascinating.”

“It’s incredible, it’s like something out of a movie.

“I always thought it was an industrial town but there are so many cool places.”

The brand new season of Below Deck: Mediterranean is available to watch on Hayu now

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