Cruise: Yacht captain reveals her biggest challenge while sailing – and it’s not the crew

Cruise: Yacht captain reveals her biggest challenge while sailing – and it’s not the crew

Cruises often allow guests to enjoy the luxury of staying on a beautiful boat while soaking up multiple sights across the globe. And Below Deck: Mediterranean is no exception as it offers charter guests the chance to explore some of the most beautiful destinations in the world. Below Deck: Mediterranean is a US reality TV series which airs on Hayu that chronicles the lives of crew members who work and live on a mega yacht.

Each series films the crew, captain and guests on a charter season in a different location.

The fifth season of the show premiered on June 1, and took place around the islands and country of Spain.

As well as a chef, stewardesses, deckhands and a bosun, the life of the captain on board the super yacht is also documented.

Season five saw the return of superyacht captain Sandy Yawn who has more than 30 years of experience in the field.

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She said: “For me the boat was the biggest challenge.

“As a captain, the crew are always challenging. That’s just a given.

“For me the boat was very challenging not because of the size but because it doesn’t have a wing station.

“A wing station is a place where you can see down the entire side of the boat when you’re docking.

“When I dock between two vessels, I can see down one side so I usually hug the side I can see.

“This particular vessel, I could not see anything.

“In fact, I had to have someone stand at the bridge just to point where the bow is.

“And I was like [to them], just use a clock like is it two o’clock or three o’clock because I couldn’t see the bow.

“The boat is a really old boat and it’s beautiful.

“They extended the back part of the boat over 21 feet or seven metres but they didn’t extend the running gear.

“So it made the stern of the boat, the back of the boat, even harder to manoeuvre.”

She added: “As long as everything works and I have good communication – communication is so important – I’m confident in my ability to dock a boat.

“So, my biggest stress was the vessel over any of the crew.”

The boat on season five of Below Deck: Mediterranean was the biggest and most luxurious boat the series had ever seen.

The brand new season of Below Deck: Mediterranean is available to watch on Hayu now

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