Cruises: Cruise lines reveal what they’re doing with empty cruise ships

Cruises: Cruise lines reveal what they’re doing with empty cruise ships

The covid-19 outbreak has called for most people to cancel their future holidays plans. From cruise lines to airlines, the travel industry has taken a huge hit due to the pandemic which has hit most countries around the world. But while cruise ships are empty and people remain at home, where do the empty liners go? Now that virtually all voyages have stopped, ships are either docked in ports around the world or the few with passengers still on board are idling at sea.

Some cruise companies such as Carnival Corporation and Saga Cruises have offered to turn their empty ships into empty hospitals.

Carnival is one of the world’s largest cruise brands which includes Carnival Cruise Line, Princess Cruises, Holland America Line and P&O Cruises.


On March 19, the huge company offered to turn their cruise ships into floating hospitals – a bit like China’s hospital ship the Daishan Dao.

Princess Cruises sent a heartfelt message to customers when workers onboard the ship spelled out “#WeWillBeBack” out of the cabin lights on the Sky Princess.

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The Azura which was located near Barbados also said “We’ll meet again”.

While flagship Britannia had the message “#Love NHS” in Southampton.

Holland America line has five ships anchored around Grand Bahama Island.

Their Instagram account said in a post: “Each night at 7:30 p.m. ET, all of the ships anchored around Grand Bahama Island – including five HAL ships –are sounding their horns at the same time in solidarity, letting the world know that we are strong, safe and healthy onboard, and we are thinking of everyone. #HopeFloats”.

Celebrity Cruise captain Kate McCue on board Celebrity Edge shared a video of the nightly event.

She said: “On March 20th we started something special. With ships from different companies congregating in the same ‘neighbourhood’ it was a perfect opportunity to celebrate our solidarity.

“As a sign that we’re all in this and we’ll get through it together, we invite all ships, (currently with over 250,000 crew members onboard around the globe), to join in a horn salute at 7:30 every evening going forward.

“We sound our horns, to let our crew and the world know that while we are strong, safe, and healthy on board, we are thinking of those at home and hoping the same for them. Until our safe returns to our home ports, we wish them fair winds and following seas.”

American Queen Steamboat Company (AQSC) and Victory Cruise Lines have offered up their ships to help house quarantined US military personnel.

Other cruise lines such as Celebrity Cruises have allowed the crew to experience how the passengers live in their luxury cabins.

The MSC Group has converted its MSC Splendid ship into a floating hospital. The crew of the ship lit up the side of the ship with the words “Andra Tutto Bene” which means “everything will be fine”.

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