Cyprus: Holiday spot that’s been closed for almost 50 years could reopen to tourists

Cyprus: Holiday spot that’s been closed for almost 50 years could reopen to tourists

A former holiday spot on the eastern coast of Cyprus could be set to reopen after more than 50 years. The stunning resort of Varohsa, known as Kapali Maras in Turkish, could reopen in the future. The beach destination was abandoned in 1974 after Cyprus was split between Greece and Turkey.

After the invasion by Turkey, around 39,000 inhabitants were forced to leave the area.

The northern part of Cyprus is now run by a Turkish Cypriot government while the other two-thirds in the south are run by a Greek Cypriot government.

Currently, the region is filled with abandoned buildings which could be renovated to bring tourism to the area.

Northern Cyprus is only visited by Turkish tourists, as there are only direct flights from Turkey.

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“Maras lies within TRNC territory,” he said

“Nobody can take it from us.

“We are successfully continuing on our path.

“The inventory work is almost complete, we are in the opening phase.”

It isn’t clear when it would reopen as a tourist resort.

The resort is around 2.3 square miles but has been overrun by nature.

Nicosia International Airport, which lies abandoned, is also in the area and was used primarily by tourists to visit Varosha.

A resolution passed by the UN in 1984 means that nobody but original residents are allowed to settle in the area.

The former popular tourist spot welcomed many A-list celebrities back in the day including Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton.

It was even known as the “French Riviera of Cyprus”.

Back when Varosha was abandoned, 700,000 tourists each year visited the area, according to The Times.

This is the same hotel bed capacity as the whole of Turkey.

More than 1.33 million tourists from the UK arrived in Cyprus in 2019.

Published at Thu, 03 Sep 2020 15:33:00 +0000