Denmark train crash: Six dead after accident on bridge in 'severe storm'

Denmark train crash: Six dead after accident on bridge in 'severe storm'

The deadly accident took place on the Great Belt fixed link between Zealand and Fyn, Denmark’s two major islands, on Wednesday at approximately 7am GMT (8am local time), train operator DSB said. Eight more people are believed to have been injured, according to Danish broadcaster TV2. The passenger train had departed from Odessa earlier in the morning and was heading towards the Danish capital, Copenhagen, at the moment of the crash. 

The bridge is currently closed for both trains and vehicles while rescue operations are underway, police said.  

But emergency services have been struggling to reach the area as a severe storm is battering the country. 

The bad weather could have triggered the accident. 

While the cause of the crash has yet to be confirmed officially, local media reports suggest the tarpaulin of a freight train loaded with Carlsberg lager may have hit the train going in the opposite direction amid a severe storm and high winds. 

This could have prompted the driver of the passenger train to brake suddenly.  

Dramatic pictures from the scene show a train bearing the Carlsberg logo on its sides with its tarpaulin covering the carriages ripped open. 

The tragic crash is set to spark travel chaos, as tens of thousands of vehicles cross the bridge every day as well as hundreds of trains. 

Police are scheduled to give a news conference later this morning. 


Published at Wed, 02 Jan 2019 09:28:00 +0000

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