Destiny 2 update: Bungie patch notes and server maintenance news

Destiny 2 update: Bungie patch notes and server maintenance news

Bungie has confirmed that they are rolling out a new Destiny 2 update today during a time of server maintenance. The latest information confirms that the current downtime period should end soon, although there is a chance of an extension if needed.

“Destiny 2 Hotfix has begun rolling out across all platforms and regions,” the Bungie support team explains on Twitter.

“Ongoing Destiny 2 maintenance is expected to conclude at 11 AM PDT. Players who observe issues should report to the Help forum.”

The new Destiny update released today is a small hotfix which shouldn’t take long to install on PS4, Xbox One and Steam.

It includes only a few changes, the biggest being the removal of Artifact Power from the current Trials of Osiris and Iron Banner events.

The latest Destiny 2 Patch Notes can be found below:

  • Artifact Power will be disabled for Trials of Osiris and Iron Banner
  • The missing hidden triumph for the Almighty Seal can now be seen

Bungie has also provided an update on the studio’s situation with the Coronavirus and how it is planning for further disruption to its work habits, releasing a statement:

“For the past several weeks, we’ve been busy working to prepare Bungie for the impact of the COVID-19 outbreak. Now that we are well into our efforts, we thought it would be a good time to share some of what we’ve learned and some of the plans we’ve put in place in case they could be helpful to other game studios, tech companies, or indeed any organization that is facing the immediate challenges of this coronavirus pandemic.

“First of all, we aren’t experts in COVID-19. We make games. However, because we are located in the greater Seattle area, we were hit with the outbreak earlier than most game companies in North America and, as a result, have had to move quickly.

“The overarching challenge of managing the impact of COVID-19 is that some employees might think that the virus won’t impact them very much, personally, when they read about mortality rates for their demographic group.

“But, even among younger demographics, there will be people in at-risk categories (such as those with diabetes, and those who are immune compromised or pregnant) or who are caring for family members in at-risk categories.”

Published at Thu, 19 Mar 2020 18:18:00 +0000