Diane Abbott approached for Strictly Come Dancing but gave a very blunt admission – VIDEO

Diane Abbott approached for Strictly Come Dancing but gave a very blunt admission – VIDEO

Following the news that former Shadow Home Secretary Jacqui Smith has signed up for the latest season of Strictly Come Dancing, Sky News’ Sophy Ridge asked Ms Abbott if she had been offered the chance to appear on the show. The Labour MP confirmed she had been offered the opportunity but turned it down due to the fact she has “no natural rhythm”. 

Ms Ridge said: “The former Labour Home Secretary Jacqui Smith has been unveiled as one of the latest signing on Strictly Come Dancing.

“I have got to ask, have they ever approached you about it? Would you do it if they did?”

Ms Abbott replied: “They have and I turned them down.

“I could not possibly do it, I think Jacqui’s very brave.”

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The Sky News host asked: “How come you felt you could not possibly do it?”

The Labour MP responded: “Because you’ll be surprised to know I’m not someone with natural rhythm.

“I didn’t want it exposed to millions of television viewers.”

Earlier this morning, Ms Abbott suffered an intense grilling on the future of the Labour Party under Sir Keir Starmer. 

“One of the things he said after he was elected as the leader was that it was important to hold on to our values and it was important not to abandon our new found radicalism.

“He said that the case for a strong, radical Labour Party is as important as ever. So I don’t think that Keir Starmer would say that we shifted to the right.”

The Sky host pointed out: “It sounds a little bit like you’re trying to remind Keir Starmer of some of the things that he said in the past. Do you think that he was happy to appear more left-wing, more pro-Corbyn during the leadership election to try and get votes?”

Ms Abbott replied: “You may say that, I couldn’t possibly comment. All I’m telling you is on the record Keir Starmer has been very clear that we shouldn’t abandon the radicalism that we found in the Corbyn era.”

Published at Sun, 06 Sep 2020 16:03:00 +0000