Diesel cars SHOCK – Vehicles over four years old face new daily charge

Diesel cars SHOCK – Vehicles over four years old face new daily charge

Diesel car owners face a new daily charge under a new plan to crack down on poor air quality. Motorists driving around central London can now face an all-new emissions charge which would bill the car owner £12.50 a day. This charge has come in as a result of the Ultra-Low Emissions Zone (ULEZ) being introduced yesterday. Diesel cars which are Euro 6, which are vehicles registered before 2015, will now need to pay the charge.

The charge is enforceable initially in the Congestion Charge Zone before it extends to the North and South Circular in 2021.

What this means is that cars which need to pay the fee could face paying £24 a day when paired with the congestion charge.

Controversially, black cabs will not face the charger which is also applicable to lorries and coaches which face a £100 daily fee.

However, the choice to only charge diesel vehicles based on the Euro 6 emissions standard has drawn some criticism.

AIR Index co-founder Nick Molden said: “Whilst the latest phase of the Euro 6 standard – in this case 6d which includes on-road testing – does set low levels of urban NOx emissions, millions of cars with a pre-Euro 6d standard have been sold across Europe and some are still on sale today.

“All these have unlimited ULEZ access since they fall within the overall Euro 6 stage.

“The fundamental issue we have with ULEZ access being based upon Euro standards alone, is that is not an efficient or fair way to address the problem of urban NOx emissions from vehicles, since over-emitting newer Euro 6 cars will be allowed in, yet older lower-emitting Euro 5 cars will attract penalty fines.”

AIR has developed an A-E colour-coded rating system which grades how clean or dirty a vehicle is base do the amount of NOx a car produces.

“We believe that ULEZ should be based on a better source of data,” continued Massimo Fedeli, operations director and co-founder of the AIR Index.

“Without a better source, the positive benefits will be seen more slowly, and the number of car-owners affected will be greater than necessary.

“It would immediately be more effective if used in conjunction with the ratings provided through the AIR Index. This would enable access to only the cleanest vehicles and limit the over-emitting vehicles from adding further to poor urban air quality.

“Specifically, a C-rated Euro 5 diesel could be let in, but an E-rated Euro 6 should not be.”

Petrol cars can also face the ULEZ charge if they are Euro 4 or older, which relates to a vehicle which is registered before 2006.

Motorists can use Transport for London’s (TfL) online vehicle checker to find out if their car was compliant or not.

Drivers can also use a Waze route planner tool which can help them avoid paying the ULEZ charge.

Find out more about the all new ULEZ here.

Published at Tue, 09 Apr 2019 11:56:00 +0000