Donald Trump would be better for Brexit as US election looms – ‘Biden bad for UK!’

Donald Trump would be better for Brexit as US election looms – ‘Biden bad for UK!’

The UK has intensified trade talks with the US in order to agree a new trading relationship with Britain’s largest partner. Previously, Mr Trump indicated his desire for a Brexit deal with the UK, while his rival, Joe Biden has warned he will not allow a free trade agreement following the introduction of the UK Internal Market Bill. Ahead of the US election, asked readers, “Would a Donald Trump or Joe Biden victory be better for Brexit?”

In response, 4,661 out of 5,020 claimed a victory for the current President would be best for Brexit.

In contrast, just 185 voted for Mr Biden while 174 were not sure.

Commenting on the poll, one person said: “No contest, Trump is for the UK, despite the hate pedlars.”

Another said: “Biden is bad for the UK.”

A third said: “Apart from stating the obvious, Trump is the man for the UK.”

Despite criticising previous Prime Minister, Theresa May over her handling of the UK’s exit from the bloc, Mr Trump has formed closer ties with Boris Johnson.

Previously Mr Trump said: “Boris is a friend of mine. I tend to watch friends closer than enemies. I think he’s doing very well.

“We can quadruple our trade with the UK and I think we can really do a big job.”

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The UK’s former ambassador to the US, Kim Darroch told The Guardian: “One of Biden’s priorities will be to repair the relationship with Europe.

“That will give us less clout.”

Despite the uncertainty surrounding a US-UK trade deal, the 5th round of negotiations between the two began on Tuesday.

Ahead of the US election, International Trade Secretary, Liz Truss revealed talks will now be intensified.

She said: “The 5th round trade talks have started with our great ally, the United States.

“We’re intensifying negotiations so we are in a good position to move forward after the United States election.

“We want a deal that delivers for all parts of Flag of United Kingdom and is forward-leaning in modern areas like tech & services.”

This poll was opened at 10.27am on October 22 and closed at 10.07pm.

Published at Thu, 22 Oct 2020 21:47:11 +0000