Doom Eternal Update 1.03: PS4 and Xbox One patch notes and Empowered Demons

Doom Eternal Update 1.03: PS4 and Xbox One patch notes and Empowered Demons

Bethesda has confirmed that update 1 for DOOM Eternal is now live, and features some cracking new features to check out. Top of the list is the new Empowered Demon feature, but there have also been Single Player & BATTLEMODE quality-of-life improvements worth reading up on. While they won’t be popping up in your campaign straight away, Empowered Demons look set to add some extra challenge to the game.

These enemies are based on the Nemesis System from other games, and help to provide stronger monsters to fight.

A demon becomes empowered after killing you, gaining stronger stats and heavier damage output.

The interesting thing is that unlike the Nemesis System, you probably won’t end up facing the Demon you empowered.

Instead, they will be transported to other games, meaning you will face Demos from other games too.

The good news is that if you’re not a fan of this new feature, you can turn it off, but you’ll also switch off the chance of gaining that extra ammo and XP.

There are plenty of other changes confirmed for this week’s Doom Eternal update and you can find the official patch notes below:

Empowered Demons are now online: When a player is killed in the single player campaign, the demon that felled them is beefed up and transported to another player’s game to fight again! Take out an Empowered Demon and you’ll not only be rewarded with tons of health and ammo, but also bonus XP to progress in-game events! Toggle Empowered Demons ON/OFF in the Game tab of the Main Menu Options.

Echelon Leveling is now available. Once you complete DOOM Level 250, you receive your first Echelon, unlocking a special insignia denoting your rank to other players. Each Echelon earned resets your DOOM Level to 1 and gives you another rank insignia. You keep all of your gear as you progress through new Echelons.

Favorite Code is now available. Players can now add friends to their Favorites using a Favorite Code in the Social Menu.

New Features for PC

Added Denuvo Anti-Cheat software required for playing BATTLEMODE on PC

  • Denuvo Anti-Cheat uses a kernel-mode driver
  • Use of the kernel-mode driver starts when the game launches and stops when the game stops for any reason
  • Denuvo Anti-Cheat does not take screenshots, scan your file system, or stream shellcode from the internet
  • Denuvo Anti-Cheat can be uninstalled at any time through the “Add or remove programs” dialog

Single Player Campaign Quality-of-Life Updates for ALL platforms

  • Reduced damage taken while swimming
  • Added vertical Dash ability when in water
  • Moved the Rad Suit in Taras Nabad directly in-front of the water area so the player clearly sees it when entering the arena
  • Removed all difficulty damage scaling for both Water/Slime
  • Added Maykr Drone campaign tutorial during first encounter in Urdak
  • Added an option for Hold (Default) or Press functionality for Double Dash in the Game tab of the Main Menu Options. Hold allows the player to dash twice by holding the input. Press requires the player to press the input twice.
  • Increased the effectiveness of the Plasma Rifle Microwave Mod damage over time

BATTLEMODE Quality-of-Life Updates for ALL platforms

  • BATTLEMODE Tutorials are now required for first-time players when entering the mode
  • Added functionality to take disciplinary action against players who exploit BATTLEMODE by prematurely exiting matches or are abusive on voice chat
  • BATTLEMODE Death Report Deaths in BATTLEMODE now display a damage report showing players exactly what killed them
  • New Indicator for Healing Demon Players New FX display under player headers in BATTLEMODE when they are actively healing. This is visible to all players.
  • New Messaging in BATTLEMODE has been added to improve the clarity of server and lobby states

DOOM Eternal – Network Icons

  • New Network Icons in BATTLEMODE will display when network conditions introduce latency or packet loss. The Network Icons are as follows:
  • Latency Variation : Your latency is fluctuating inconsistently, which will cause intermittent lag (see High Latency)
  • High Latency : The time it takes for data to travel between you and the server is high. Also referred to as a high “ping”, and results in lag.
  • Packet Loss : Higher packet loss means more data is being lost between you and the server.

Published at Thu, 14 May 2020 22:01:00 +0000