Dr Jarvis in fierce Bev Turner slap down during heated protest row 'Know who knows more'

Dr Jarvis in fierce Bev Turner slap down during heated protest row 'Know who knows more'

In a discussion on Jeremy Vine about the anti-lockdown protests, the panel erupted into a disagreement over how the UK should unlock. Panellist Beverley Turner, who attended the rally on Saturday, insisted lockdown and Covid-related restrictions should be eased soon and accused Dr Jarvis of “spouting” figures which “are absolutely ridiculous” as she justified ongoing coronavirus restrictions. But Dr Sarah Jarvis hit back at Turner’s comments and insisted she “knows more” given her profession as a Doctor with 31 years experience.

A furious Beverley Turner said about the protest: “There was some anger but there was also a huge amount of celebration and anybody that was there on Saturday came away with hope in our hearts about the future.

“Because we aren’t talking about what we should be talking about, we aren’t talking about what the point of keeping us terrified is.”

The presenter added: “And how that’s going to look in our practical lives in terms of never being able to leave the house without our phones and our data and our health data.

“And Sarah Jarvis knows that some of the numbers she’s spouting are absolutely ridiculous!”

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Ms Turner concluded how “we have to now all look to the future” as the U.K. remains in a state of covid restrictions.

But Dr Jarvis interjected with a damming slapdown of Beverley Turner’s statements offering justification for the “numbers” Turner accused of being “ridiculous”.

The GP said: “Degree from Cambridge, degree from Oxford, 31 years as a GP, degree in critical appraisal.

“Yep, I know exactly who knows more about reading medical papers!”

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Despite the statement, the police reported a number of their officers were injured when missiles had been thrown by protestors.

A statement from the police said: “Eight officers were injured as they worked to disperse crowds at Hyde Park this evening.

“Thankfully, they are not believed to be seriously injured.”

The police said “five people were arrested for offences including assault” on police, adding that the offenders were “now in custody.”

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