Driver WARNING – Careless mistake could cost you £5,000 fine

Driver WARNING – Careless mistake could cost you £5,000 fine

Motorists are being warned that they could land a hefty fine when turning in a car as a result of a simple mistake.

Drivers can land the penalty if they fail to indicate near pedestrians as it could cause harm to them or other road users. 

It could also see drivers caught committing the offence to accrue nine penalty points, or worse, disqualified from driving.

According to the Highway Code, a driver must always: “Warn and inform other road users, including pedestrians, of your intended actions.”

If when turning into a street and there is a pedestrian on the road beginning to cross then the driver should allow them to pass before completing the turn.

The driver should also be aware of pedestrians who may be looking to cross and use the indicator to inform them of this.

Failing to indicate is not an offence in itself but if a motorist hits a pedestrian or another road user, as a result, they can be fined on the spot £100.

This could be deemed as careless or dangerous driving, which carries a fine of up to £5,000.

Emma Patterson, a UK motoring lawyer at Patterson Law, said drivers should always signal their intentions to other road users, including pedestrians.

“Failing to do so may mean a motorist falls below the threshold of being a careful, competent driver and they could be hit with a ‘driving without due care and attention’ charge, or in rarer circumstances even ‘dangerous driving’.”

However, she explained that drivers must be using the indicators appropriately.

“In some ways, an over eagerness to signal can be just as bad as failing to signal.”

Published at Wed, 15 May 2019 07:01:00 +0000